Autran Water heater Agents hired advertising company, posing as consumers conspiracy to provide false prototype, false certification, and then made

TV Broadcast to attack the Harvard water heater. Recently, the silence of Yantai, a water heater market, because of the “Trade War” and the name became widely known by dozens of media outlets after the country caused a great uproar.

Log in Google or Baidu, search for “water heater” “Yantai” character, reporters quickly found a thousand articles about “unfair competition faced Harvard heater Yantai article. After that things in general: July 31, 2008, August 1, 2008 in the province of a television station broadcast two false propaganda about the Harvard water heater, the product of ordinary glass by heating elements and make use of international banned asbestos insulation coverage led to the brand in Shandong and even the country’s rapid thermal

Water Heater Market fully affected. , However, then the incident is a dramatic change: the television station reported Baoliao in the process of dismantling the bizarre products disappear, Baoliao people “living in the house” was actually rented. Face a sudden shrinking of the market, the brand water heaters, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Electric Company to bring the U.S. flag and the national authority of the department issued quickly by the “pure transparent crystal pipe” and “glass fiber insulation materials,” the survey report rushed to Yantai, state the truth, 2008 August 6, water heaters, TV broadcast to resume the reputation of Harvard tracking reports.

Television clarified, companies that restored the reputation of the event this this the end of guessed it hiccups have risen again.

2008 8 12, Jinan send a reporter of a newspaper, “the Harvard video to light water heater,” a text, for a time, a lot of text and video in the network forward, Yantai business war quickly spread throughout the country, many competitive products Purchasing Guide hand

MP4 Introduction to the customers, attack and defame the Harvard water heater in order to promote their own brand sales.

This, the Harvard water heater manufacturers to quickly make a public statement, saying that there is indeed non-staff of the company’s market hype, the phenomenon of misleading customers, the company will seriously deal with this phenomenon, while at the institutional level to prevent the recurrence of similar incidents ; Harvard water heater is a national “fast water heater” for the drafting unit, the production of all products have passed national compulsory 3C certification, not the ordinary glass and make international banned asbestos insulation. After the reporter know the truth, immediately said, immediately cancel the report is reproduced at each site in order to restore the reputation of the Harvard water heater, water heater to reduce damage to Harvard. August 18, 2008, Yantai, an advertising company out of evidence: the water heater Yantai agents hired by Autran, common traps laid to lure the Harvard water heater in Yantai temporary promoters hype the product and to provide false material to the television Baoliao to “direct” the television reported. August 25, 2008 started a “water heater Yantai Harvard suffered unfair competition,” the message in the national media and network spread rapidly. The article came out, immediately drew national media reprinted after another, a time of war Yantai commercial water heater market, “famous far noise.”

Order to understand the truth of the matter, August 28, 2008 morning, the reporter repeated setbacks linked to the water heater Yantai agents Kong Jingli Harvard. Kongjing Li to the journalists of a television advertising company in Yantai in a written proof, its recognition of “water heater Yantai agents commissioned by Autran,” carefully planned “attack” the news of the water heater. In a recording, the advertising agency admits that money is the “director” of the main driving forces. According to Kong Jingli introduction, Zhongshan U.S. flag company hotline, according to television news sound recording, please trace the way the judiciary, “whistleblower” telephone, finally found the advertising companies. Before the law, and ultimately hired by advertising companies against each other, to expose the truth.

Exposure products for hype, misleading consumer issues, Kongjing Li told reporters, as the Guangdong Province, two fast water heater company, Yantai, this year the competition for the market competition is very intense, frequent promotional war. In the process of selling products, individual promoters to earn more commission, does water heaters and exaggerated publicity. Now a public apology in the media on the matter, and seriously deal with the temporary promoters. Advertising companies hired admitted to reporters, promoters of this wrongful act, by the TV station came to light, they produced video on the Internet, while employing the Autran water heater distributors in its sales staff to use around the mall consumers to purchase water heater MP4 player.

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