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Anxiety… What Are You Worrying About?

For decades, anxiety has been one of the most common complaints to psychotherapists. If it persists over some time, anxiety can interfere with work, relationships and even our sleep.For some, if anxiety reaches the stage of panic then it can be really disabling. The emotional basis for anxiety is fear. Unlike fear, which relates primarily to the past, Anxiety is a future oriented emotion. So, anxiety is basically a fear of the future.

The physical manifestation of anxiety may be one of the more distressing features of the emotion. Generally, the symptoms include increased rate of breathing and heart rate, shaking, sweating, being light headed, tingling and numbness in the hands, feet, arms and legs, even choking symptoms. Because of its physical manifestations, anxiety is almost impossible to ignore. It can be even tougher to overcome on your own.


The procedure for treating anxiety is as simple and easy using Time Line Therapy™ technique. The process can be done by children as young as age 3 and adults as old as 90 years. Simply put, we treat fear first and then anxiety. The two emotions are, however treated differently.


To find out just how join Paul Mracek for a 1 day session on dealing with anxiety.


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