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KOTAN & NLP are the real options in the environment of today to give value to businesses and individuals. The drive for results creates constant pressure to deliver, it has to be right the first time, to be able to fight off competitors in these changing economic conditions. In the program you will learn the fundamentals of the most useful Kotan and NLP techniques. You can take your professional career, whether it be selling, financial, or planning and your business to a whole new level and dramatically improve your personal productivity for example in sales in less than 30 days.

How You And I Communicate!

Did you know that when we communicate with people only 7% is with the words we use, so what’s happening to the other 93% of what they understand? Have you told someone exactly how you want something done only for them not to get it? What about selling your service or product? Do you have a difficult time getting people to understand the features of your company’s products or services? Get results with this short 1 hour workshop; it’s a great as an ice breaker for any conference or team meeting.
The insights you will get are:

  • How to communicate with other people who are not like yourself;
  • How to look and see what people are thinking;
  • Know what words to use to get your message across.

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How You And I Process Information!

You will never look at how people process information and how that affects the results you get the same again. We have all heard about information overload, well here’s the proof; did you know that at any one time you are getting bombarded by 2 million bits of information per second? How do you process the information?
The insights you will get are:

  • Three things to improve how you process information
  • What happens to the 2 millions bits we miss
  • How to make sure we get the right information

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3 Hour Workshops – Overcome Objections

Overcoming objections and basic negotiations, would you like to be able to negotiate easily? Would the idea of winning over a small group with an effective negotiation tool be of benefit to you? This 3 hour workshop is an introduction to a longer workshop to improve sales and to overcome objections to your products or services; these courses are designed to suit your specific needs (typically run between 1-3 days). It is an interactive workshop that is both enjoyable and challenging leaving your team with new and valuable easy to use tools.
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Goal Setting & Break Thru-2-Excellence

This 3 hour workshop is a very enjoyable lighthearted look at the process of goal setting and why it works for some and not others. The 3 hour leads up to an explosive finish with the team literally smashing what holds them back in getting the results they want. Great for getting everybody going before any awards night or celebration event.
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2 Day Workshops – Kotan & NLP In Business

Advanced NLP Selling Skills that have been specially designed to meet yours and that of any customer, client or consumer needs. This seminar is proven to produce results. The Most Advanced Selling Skills you have ever discovered. We guarantee it!!! We guarantee that you will learn something new during this seminar that will dramatically increase your income (unless you have already taken our Trainings, that is). We are certain that you will never have seen most of these selling techniques before. Even if you have attended other well know seminars, you will learn something they don’t know, this is NEW material.

We promise!!! You had better hope your competitor does not attend this seminar before you do, because this 2-day program has limited dates and locations. Imagine attending for only 2 days and having your sales double or triple or go even higher. Most of what you will learn in the seminar has never been revealed nor published in books. If you think you ALREADY know everything there is to know about sales, THINK AGAIN! You CAN: Decide to attend NOW. Discover what produces results, and develop a proven formula to create top selling results in both your own, and your clients’ businesses. With these Advanced NLP Selling Skills you will learn the key techniques for sales success:

How to sell like a pro with the “Five Step Sales Process”

  • Five easy steps that take you through a smooth transition from opening to closing the sale
  • Using the Five Step Consultative Sales Process
  • Use the “High Probability” prospecting model to win more business, in less time, with less stress!
  • Structuring a “cold” prospect call to maximize results
  • Advanced observation kills
  • How to “read” your client so you see the signals before he knows he has signaled.
  • How to establish rapport with anyone you choose in 60 seconds.
  • How to sell with rapport and leave the customer smiling.
  • Get into your client’s mind! Match how your client thinks!
  • How to win bigger contracts,
  • How do you turn proposals into firm contracts,
  • The hype behind attracting money working for you.
  • How NLP can change your thinking.
  • How do you and your clients increase sales and profits.
  • How do you identify a person’s or a business’s problem areas to your sales
  • Do an accurate corporate needs analysis
  • Identify your Unique Selling Points
  • Discover your prospects Unique Buying Points
  • Select the right clients and prospects

Are you wondering who should attend Advanced Kotan & NLP Selling Skills for the 21st Century? Sales people who want to increase their market value and income. Sales managers who want who are looking for something new. Anyone in small to large business who wants to sell solutions effectively to their employer’s right up to the board level. Business owners who want to maximize their profits. NLP Practitioners, Master Practitioners and Trainers and coaches who want to learn how to sell their skills to business.

Attend this event and you will learn: How to sharpen your selling skills, and gain a competitive edge. You will learn the questions to ask your clients which will identify their single most important concern and use it to demonstrate how you can increase their profits, or improve their lives.
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Increase Your Sales – 5 Step NLP Sales Process

This program has improved sales team’s sales over night. With a guaranteed improvement of sales by 20% or your money back why not give your sales team every chance to hit their targets! There are two options for this program:
Option one standard course – $395 per head
Option two customized course using your product for you to keep – $950 per head
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Lunch Time Workshops

1 hour stress reduction workshops at your workplace Why not have a real break at lunch time! Paul can be booked for lunchtime 50 minute group hypnosis inductions to relieve stress. This session is ideal for the end of a week Friday lunch break just for some fun and getting ready for the weekend.

It’s also great for you or your work mates that are finding it difficult or struggling during the week; feeling that they are out of control and under constant stress.
Additional popular subjects for lunch time workshops are:

  • Goal and outcome setting
  • Presentations anxiety
  • Public speaking anxiety
  • Motivation

Workplace inductions for up to 10 people are only $350 and are available at your work.
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