Training Direction

The environment that we all live in whether it is in business, family or social is very dynamic and hugely competitive.To be able to grow and succeed we always need to continue to learn more. The worst possible attitude and belief is that we have learnt and know everything in our business, profession or industry.

At Kotan Australia we have training that is suited to a wide range of needs and subjects. Whether it is personal or corporate workshops, from team building to goal setting, for as long as 2 weeks or as short as an hour.

We have trainings running all year round. So if you have a corporate get together and would like to offer something different for your sales meeting or planning sessions, give us a call to see how we can get the blood pumping and high energy for you on the day!


Personal, Business & Corportate

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Kotan & NLP Training

Kotan & NLP are the real options in the environment of today to give value to businesses and individuals. The drive for results creates constant pressure to deliver, it has to be right the first time, to be able to fight off competitors in these changing economic conditions. In the program you will learn the fundamentals of the most useful Kotan and NLP techniques. You can take your professional career, whether it be selling, financial, or planning and your business to a whole new level and dramatically improve your personal productivity for example in sales in less than 30 days.

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Weekend Warrior

Stop for a moment and imagine what would happen ”If you Could Program Your Life For Health, Happiness and Success?”

    • Achieve Business and Career Goals
    • Change Your Financial Future
    • Create Successful Relationships
    • Develop a Winning Attitude
    • Define What You Really Want in Life
    • Attract the Right Love Relationship
    • Eliminate Bad Habits
    • Accelerate Healing
    • Awaken to Your Higher Consciousness
    • Become The Person You Want To Be . . .

Now You Can…

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One Day Workshops

Grab a hold of anxiety workshop.
For decades, anxiety has been one of the most common complaints to psychotherapists. If it persists over some time, anxiety can interfere with work, relationships and even our sleep. For some, if anxiety reaches the stage of panic then it can be really disabling. The emotional basis for anxiety is fear. Unlike fear, which relates primarily to the past, Anxiety is a future oriented emotion. So, anxiety is basically a fear of the future. The physical manifestation of anxiety may be one of the more distressing features of the emotion.To find out just how, join Paul Mracek for a 1 day session on dealing with anxiety.

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Certificate Training

Have you every thought about being a practitioner or coach, does the idea appeal to you? Then you can find out about it here. Are you a financial adviser and would like to become a financial coach? Are you a personal trainer or instructor or find that you do more counselling than fitness training or teaching? Then learn how you can add coaching to your already working success.

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