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Welcome To Kotan Australia Video Gallery
The following videos are from presentations and interviews made by Paul Mracek (The Business Sensei) – CEO, Kotan Australia to and from various groups and organizations. If you would like any further details on the points covered or something tailored to suit your business or personally, then contact us through the “Contact Us” page or email direct at

Results achieved through programs and coaching by Paul Mracek with Indian subsidiary of multinational with over 2,500 employees.

Chairman of Peak Boday Association MAA – Graham Slater Interviews – Business Sensei..Paul Mracek

Warrior Mindset – learn Black Belt Power Focus – Presentation Demo..Paul Mracek

Mind and Body Balance -Part 1 – Natchat interview with Paul Mracek, CEO Kotan Australia on applying mind and body balance to work, family and friends.

Part 3 – Natchat’s Judy Green interviews Paul Mracek, CEO Kotan Australia. Paul (The Business Sensei) continues to expand on the “Mind & Body” and how to get the right mix of balance in your life..and how to apply this to personal, family and work life.

Warrior Mindset and Black Belt Thinking – Demonstration of sticks and power as applied to day-to-day thinking, performance and achieving success

Paul Mracek in Aculco Radio – London – Interview of Paul Mracek, CEO Kotan Australia by Hable con Gloria

Overview of 12 month coaching and mentoring provided to ELGI India and Australia by Paul Mracek from Kotan Australia.

Warrior Mindset & Internet Business Success – learn the secrets about the behaviour/results cycle and communication

Mind and Body Balance -Part 2 . Natchat interview with Paul Mracek and how to get the right mix of balance in all areas of your life whether it be personal, work, family and social.

HR GM talks about the approach and positive impact on workplace performance and relationships with in the business since going through the training for the Matrix Impact Program with various functions and positions in the business.

Warrior Mindset and Black Belt Thinking -Story about 3 Kungfu Masters…and success