About Kotan

Kotan is an ancient Japanese word for Elegant Simplicity.
Related to Modern Life – The Kotan Method empowers each individual with the tools, skills and knowledge needed to be more productive, organized and outcome focused in achieving results in their career and personal life. Kotan – reflects the elegant simplicity in every action when the mind and the body are in balance.

This philosophy dates back hundreds of years across Asia, but no more so than in both Japan and China. These ancient strategies and techniques are rarely known or understood, especially in the West; and therefore not commonly applied in today’s personal, social or business and corporate world.

The origins are reflected in the teachings and techniques in many of the marital arts philosophy and techniques taught by the Chinese Masters / Sages and the Japanese Samurai. The “Ancient Masters” were renowned for their power and energy and how they could apply this knowledge to achieve results far beyond those around them.

The Kotan Method re-discovers these principles and applies them to now;
enabling individuals, groups and organizations to be able to tap into this ancient wisdom and apply it to successfully drive their careers, relationships or businesses to achieve the success and rewards they deserve.

Our Mission

To transform human potential into reality – to build leaders and peak performers in any facet of life

Our Vision

To empower each individual with the tools, skills and knowledge required to live a well balanced life

Our Values

  1. Value yourself – Our team – The organization
  2. Ecological – Good for me, you and everyone
  3. Givers get
  4. Sow, grow and reap in all ways
  5. Always show gratitude for anything and everything
  6. Lead by example in all ways
  7. No judgement – Give everyone an A
  8. Push the boundaries – No comfort zones -Challenge each other – Live without fear
  9. Always go to the core of the challenge
  10. Only set positive outcomes

Kotan Australia is a company that lives by its values. We are a company that has created a model that put us in a position where we need to constantly step up. This ensures that we provide only the best service to our clients and each individual we encounter

Kotan Principles

  • See Confusion -complexity is learnt which leads to confusion
  • Develop Clarity  – complexity can be unlearnt and when applied creates clarity
  • Provide Understanding – information obtained does not translate to understanding
  • Obtain Knowledge – principles are the foundations of knowledge
  • Obtain Skills – knowledge through understanding + practice develops Skill
  • Become a Master – skill combined with experience creates a Master
  • Success is “Think It, Breath It, Do It” – a Master with clarity of intuition (applied common sense) is Kotan.