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The first question that usually gets asked is, “What’s a Master Practitioner?”…

and then closely followed by, “What is the Kotan Method?”

Kotan – is a Japanese word that reflects, embodies and means “Elegant Simplicity”

So what is the Kotan Method…is it Coaching, Mentoring, Training, Consulting or Teaching?…the answer is is all these, plus much more and they are what makes and is a Master Practitioner.

A Master Practitioner is a Facilitator of Peak Performance and is experienced as a Coach, Mentor, Trainer and Consultant supporting both Businesses and Individuals who are looking to be at the “Next Level Of Performance and Success…Personally and Professionally”.

The Kotan Method is based on the study of excellence that you can replicate, i.e. not just a skill but also the competency. What if you had the attitude and methodology to use techniques that you could apply to any part of your life at any time…to ACHIEVE…SUCCESS… What would it do for you or your family….and how would it make you feel?

What makes the difference is in one word “Perception” and the way we see and think, and these impacts directly on how we feel, our behaviour and the results that we achieve or our SUCCESS!

How we influence or control this is what determines our Success, personally or professionally. For many this is left to fate or left to others to decide for us, due to lack of confidence in our own capability…there is an old saying “Once you know how, it is easy!” Sticking around and learning the how, which many people fail to do, is the key that opens the door…it’s a process that needs to be learnt, to develop a new skill that increases your understanding and competency:

This flow is a process that anybody can follow:


A “Master Practitioner” of the “Kotan Method” has the skill and the experience to deliver solutions that reflect, embody and are “Elegant Simplicity”. In the end “Results” and a “Return On Investment” is the bottom line and this is what Kotan Australia delivers.


At Kotan Australia we provide the understanding to turn information into knowledge based on principles of excellence…this gives you a reference to develop skills, to experience and to practice to be competent and understand how to use it to achieve outcomes that are Specific, Measurable and Time-sensitive.

Our service focus areas are:


This is a necessity in today’s environment not a luxury. Having access to someone who is experienced in business that can give you an independent perspective and tell you what works based on real experience is a must. The prime benefit is that they see what you don’t and that is due to the fact that people who own or play a leadership role within the business, have an emotional contact to it and often have limited vision in how to improve. By having a Kotan Master Practitioner at your side you will be able to take your business to the next level and beyond. The added benefit of working with ‘Kotan Australia’ is that he offers a full 100% guarantee on all consulting, coaching, mentoring and training.


Why is “Corporate” listed separately? That’s a good question…because there is a difference between the way large corporate’s operate and small to medium enterprises (SME’s)..these are the small family businesses and partnership companies. The level of regulation and controls needed are quite unique and therefore need to be approached differently. These need to be taken into consideration when working with and in the businesses.

Knowing how to work with people at all levels is the key to the success of our Master Practitioners. Imagine having everyone in your business on the same page. Where all your management teams and staff are equipped with the tools, skills and knowledge required to keep your business well in front your competitors.

Successful corporations today know that one of the major cost elements in their business is people and it is essential to consistently provide ongoing learning so that it will deliver sustainable growth to the business. The “Payback” to the business is through increased retention rates of staff as well as gains in productivity and profits.

As much as it is important for businesses to grow in profit and size, it is equally important to have a cohesive team which is working well together, motivated and actually likes being at work, rather than seeing it as just a source of income.

By investing in and improving the skills of management and all employees, your business will prosper in all ways.

“The Master Practitioner’ will motivate, educate and definitely challenge those willing to take themselves and their businesses to the next level and beyond.


A common challenge that our ‘Master Practitioners’ have found amongst executives is that they know how to build a business structurally, however have a very low retention rate in regards to keeping their staff and sales teams. Communication skills are often lacking and they spend a great deal of time trying to find sufficient staff to cater for the amount of work they wish to introduce into the business.

Another major challenge is the “Reactive Reflex Action” where they spend countless hours fixing problems within the business. Why?..because they hired the wrong people in the first place. This unfortunately has a ripple effect, which starts at work and eventually finds its way into their personal lives and eventually causes burnout. By mastering what the ‘Master Practitioner’ shows and teaches, it develops a foundational base that can build ongoing success in your business to any level you desire and also have more quality time for yourself and the ones who are important to you.

Our ‘Master Practitioners’ know that a “Proactive Reflex Action” is the key, as we all know but don’t or seldom practice, that prevention is better than cure. It is important for executives to have an independent, experienced and skilled person who can look at their business, without the emotional influences to give a impartial, practical and realistic response. Otherwise as we all know decisions can often be detrimental and inhibit the growth of the business and all those involved.

For all executives to be at and remain at the top of their game, it is essential that they have access to someone who can consistently fine tune them, just as sports professionals need a mentor, trainer or coach to make adjustments to keep them performing at a peak level.

An executive must deliver results and a return on investment consistently, this is the expectation of both shareholders and stakeholders of the organization..

To acquire the tools, skills and knowledge required to achieve that, make an executive decision today and call Kotan Australia to see one of our Master Practitioners.


One of the key factors that is misunderstood in many businesses is that their employees are in a “Service Industry”. People provide services and they need to understand how to interact with others no matter where they are in a business, we all have either internal customers or external customers.

Therefore to gain the maximum productivity requires more than a basic understanding of communication. If you would like to know how to deal or communicate with anybody in your business and get agreement or close any deal within one meeting, then it would be in your best interest to hire one of the best in Australia. Many businesses waste countless hours haggling over what to do next and get stuck in a rut. Getting productivity improvement is a process as well as a skill that can be taught, this is the bread and butter activities of our Master Practitioners.

Can you or your team afford not to learn these skills to be able to raise productivity in your business and increase directly profits? Then your next move has to be to engage our ‘Master Practitioners’ to show you the tools, skills and knowledge required to achieve the results you desire. We back up what we say at Kotan Australia with a full 100% money back guarantee on all consulting, coaching, mentoring and training.


The most common complaint in a recent study was that everybody felt they were suffering constantly from being “Time Poor”. This has continued to be the single biggest driver for increasing stress for individuals, couples and families.

Everybody is entitled to live in abundance and have a well balanced life. However, there is a large majority of people these days, struggling with day to day issues, which unfortunately have lead to a massive increase in anxiety, depression and illness. This causes people’s careers and relationships to suffer and it also begins to infect their family as a whole.

Our Master Practitioners have worked with many individuals, couples, parents and troubled children / teens. They have the knowledge and experience to show them quick, yet effective ways in which they can gain control of their lives and how to sustain a well balanced lifestyle.

Whether your are looking to get greater success with personally or professionally now or want to move your life in a different direction and require some guidance to do so our Master Practitioners can help.

Kotan Australia is all about ‘Building Leaders and Peak Performers’, not just in business, but in every facet of life. Whatever you wish to achieve in your life, Kotan Australia can empower you with all the tools, skills and knowledge you need to achieve the outcome you want and deserve.

Other – Sports

A common thread amongst sports individuals and group’s, is that they have little challenge learning and applying the techniques required to play and perform in the sport of their choice. However, their biggest challenge and always is their biggest challenge, is getting their mental game down pat and that’s the difference between winning and losing on the day.

Physiology and internal dialogue are the main contributors that determine whether a sports person will win or lose on the day. A large percentage of sports professionals have a permanent coach and again it has long passed being a luxury, it is definitely a necessity if you wish to reach and remain at the top of your game.

Whether we like it or not, sports these days is very much a business and is the individual’s main source if not their only source of income. Sponsorship is also a crucial factor and if you or your team aren’t performing to their standards, then your sponsorship deal will be closely looked at towards the end of the season. Perform well, you will increase your pay packet, continue to produce sub standard results and you will eventually lose what you once had.

Greats like Tiger Woods and Lleyton Hewitt to name a few know the importance of having a coach. Even though they have both reached the pinnacle of their sport, they are always looking for a way to have the edge over their opponents. They have practiced their techniques over the years, however also see the value in the need to have their mind totally focused and not allowing minor upsets throw the game completely.

Kotan Australia can not only show you how to achieve outstanding results ‘Immediately’, but also show you how to sustain that and remain a peak performer.

He also appreciates the value of working alongside your current coach/s, as you will be able to perfect your techniques with them and also enhance yourself to the level you desire by improving the mental side of your game.

Whether you are an individual or a team, professional or amateur, what you will learn with our ‘Master Practitioners’ can and will take you to the top.