Individual Coaching

Are you finding your not quite where you want to be in your life?
Do you wake up tense, worrying about what the day is going to bring?
Is life really what it could be or what you want?


Are you:

  • Having financial difficulties
  • Have a lack of motivation
  • Overweight
  • Suffer from anxiety
  • Can not give up the cigarettes
  • Depressed
  • Drink too much
  • Need to exercise but don’t
  • Long time single or In a destructive relationship
  • Lack focus and direction


Did you find your head nodding yes to any of above then we can help you change that! In some cases in only hours and permanently! Want to achieve great results but not sure why you can not, something always seems to be holding you back? We know from experience that all it takes is just few hours!


Are you wondering how’s that possible?

Try this little exercise. Think of a time in the past when you had a fantastic day. A particular day, a day when everything was OUTSTANDING! Go ahead try it NOW! Now as you think of that day; feel the things that you felt, hear the things that you heard and see things that made that day so fantastic! Go ahead try it! Now have you got a feeling like that day, just like that moment? If yes then imagine if you could have that feeling every day right when you need it. How does that make you feel? If you do not feel some of that FANTASTIC moment then you really need to call us! Just half kidding, if you can create one FANTASTIC day then you have the ability to produce many and that is what we do. We will help you find out: What is holding you back What you need to create what you want What is it you are doing that gives you the results you have What is it that you need to change to get the results you want Change your outlook to be exactly what you want and set SMART Outcomes (goals) that will create the plan that you need to get where you want to go

We have a number of options available to suit you in regards to time and cost. Call Now +61(3) 9532 5476 or email the booking/enquiry form for more information.



Face-2-Face is when we meet with you and work with you one on one. Depending on the program you choose this can be in one 5-8 hour session or blocks of 2 hours or 1 hour over weeks. Face-2-Face coaching is great to get results that last NOW and FAST!

Face-2-Face coaching is the ideal process for anyone with anything they are not happy about, e.g. weight loss. It is best described as a complementary process to assist in helping your body get what it needs to improve health. Below is a list of illnesses we have interventions for or we can help you with. Of course this is complementary health and not to be used to replace the medical advice by your doctor. In some cases we will require a referral from a doctor to work with you.

List of interventions:

Personal Break Through Sessions
This is a session one on one targeting one area of you life and creating a breakthrough that will end what’s holding you back. In mast cases it takes 5 hours and will deliver a specific outcome this is guaranteed! We know that if you complete a breakthrough session with us you will get results!

Success Breakthru Sessions
This is a week by week coaching program, which has two options of face-2-face or by phone. Either option are based on an hour each week supported by email for follow up tasking and questions giving you support on a week by week basis. This program can be focused on each area of your life to find balance and coach you to getting the results and success that you want.

These processes are fun and life rewarding, so do you deserve a better life then you have right now?

Contact Paul by email to find out more about these programs.Call Now +61(3) 9532 5476 or email the booking/enquiry form for more information.


Online Coaching Programs


Are you on a busy schedule or unable to get to a face-2-face session? Is money an issue for you at the moment? Here is the answer! With the online coaching you get one month of coaching support via email, teleconferences or webinars that if followed WILL allow you to achieve results.
This program Includes:


  • Online video coaching usually by Skype
  • Self conducted Coaching Values inventory and results emailed back
  • Monthly 1 hour phone call
  • Weekly email tasks


This is an entry program for those who are new to coaching and has 5 hours of coaching and is valued over $2000 however you can start getting results right now for only $199 and we will give you a full credit towards our other coaching programs once you have completed it so it is essentially FREE!

Free 30 minute coaching offer

Not sure how a coach could help with your situation? Feel stuck with no option? We understand that getting help might be a little daunting so to help you put your mind at ease sign up for the free 30 minute coaching session and one of our coaches call you to discuss the process of coaching and get you making a change straight away to start getting results. The session will give you the insight to get you moving towards what you want by getting results. What have you got to loose?

To find out all the details simply click on this link to leave a message on our contact us page and we will email you how to get your free 30 minute session.

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