Advanced Communication

Professional Development That Gets Results

This program ensures your companies competitive advantage with current Industry leading training and techniques for your staff that delivers results.

Overview of course:

What image does your company present in your industry? Your company brand is a reflection of your image in the market; the quality of your products or services, and by the professional approach of your employees. When and where ever your employees represent your company, either at client meetings, industry associations, trainings, conferences etc. you want to know that they will make a positive impact on your students, clients, customers, associates or peers. This course will teach the skills required to make that positive impact.

Does your business have to do with training others? If so, this course will teach you how to maximize the impact of your training.

In this course, you will learn to:

Achieve improved understanding in the science behind effective communication by…

  • Speaking to the different learning styles and mindset with ease
  • Establishing and maintaining rapport with others
  • Choreograph your movements to maximize delivery of information
  • Utilize your best resources – voice, tone and tempo, gestures and language
  • Maximize your audience’s / class comprehension
  • Access and maintain confidence for ease in presenting and control audience /class participation by the flow and delivery of your presentation
  • Overcome objections and maintain the flow of your presentation
  • Using stories as learning tools
  • Delivering commands and instructions that cause people to act

This targeted Neuro Linguistic Programming training is based on 30 years of experience using scientific methods and principles. The Advanced Communication program is a structured and practical program that delivers the “How” of communication that drives better understanding and results. You will deliver your message with increased confidence and will create a positive impression with your clients, audience, class, students.

Traditional training methods target only 40% of people. This course captures 100% of the audience by focusing on their unique learning styles simultaneously through effective communication techniques. This results in increased participation levels, higher retention rates and the increased satisfaction levels of clients.

The program will cover:

  • How people process information
  • Learning mindset
  • How to use your personal resources of voice and gestures with impact
  • Use of different techniques to deliver your message
  • How to structure your presentation for maximum impact
  • Using voice tone to convey the message that you want
  • Presenters body language and what it means to others
  • How to speak to a persons unconscious mind
  • Audience / class dynamics

Who Will Benefit From Attending This Course?

This course will teach you new skills and improve your performance if you…

  • Formally train people
  • Do sales presentations
  • Want to improve your public speaking skills
  • Present findings and reports to clients
  • Represent your company at conferences and industry meetings

Highlights About This Course

Conducting a training or presenting information is a high-impact opportunity to display your organisation’s products or services, and reflects the image and brand of your organisation. An excellent presentation can make a difference in greater customer satisfaction, securing a sale, getting repeat business, creating credibility and maximising promotional opportunities.

Teaching is about giving and sharing information and knowledge in an effective way that maximises the learning for the participants. Trainers need to grab and then maintain the attention of participants for the duration of the course. This requires for them to have a range of appropriate skills and competencies to give the participants a great experience as well as developing skills and competencies.

The Advanced Communication course will teach the techniques needed to deliver a great presentation with high impact training. Exercises are incorporated into the training to give you the opportunity to practice these techniques.

Who Should Attend

  • Trainers
  • Sales people
  • Consultants presenting to clients
  • Public Speakers
  • Negotiators
  • Company representatives
  • Organisational spokespeople
  • Conference speakers

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