1 20, CCTV’s “Weekly Quality Report” exposed “Di beans” pox-speed consumer cosmetic products containing banned substances were found to chloramphenicol, and led many consumers face an adverse reaction after use. Yesterday (23) days, Xi’an consumer complaints Ms Ho, she used “Di beans” for three weeks, there has been shed face, nose, bad situation. Found in the visited by the cosmetics company in Quanzhou, Fujian Heng spring production of “Di beans” is still Xi’an Medical supermarket sales, but manufacturers still claim that “products have no quality problems to light products are fake.”

Complaint: The “Di beans” three weeks of adverse reactions

“The night before I still use the ‘Di-bean’ it in the early morning news was not used to see.” Not long ago, she serves in a drugstore to buy a 198 yuan three-piece of the “Di beans” products. A few days can be used on the face of the phenomenon appeared shed to ask service personnel, the other to let her out face cream. Out the next day, a small nose and mouth to fester. After Miss He has always insisted use of other two products can be wound on the nose two weeks are not good. “Said the three days of effective advertising, but I still spent three weeks followed by long-Doudou, there is no effect.” Yesterday morning, saw the news later, she serves only to disable, call Toll-free telephone manufacturers are allocated barrier .

Survey: “Di beans” is still selling counterfeit goods claiming exposure

Then call the manufacturer of the country’s toll-free number, always busy. The Constant Spring cosmetics manufacturer’s website has issued such a “stop chloramphenicol” statement, saying, “Di beans” for many years by the national health supervision departments test, are non-chloramphenicol, the product fully qualified.

In Xi’an, a Chinese supermarket sweet well ask, “Di beans” products, sales called “sell great, has been out of stock a week.” Suzaku gate in the vicinity of the Yee Hong Chinese Supermarket, searched the shelves of two floors have not found “Di bean” plantations. Inquiry, the first floor of TV shopping district clerk said “yes”, and Congguizaili out a box of “Di beans”, told reporters not to put on the shelf because “something has gone wrong, but quality is no problem “, also produced a stack of materials, including the solemn declaration and two factory test report.

Statement stressed that the exposure of CCTV products are “produced in 2004, and counterfeit products.” In 2005 the two test reports are monitored to detect in Guangzhou and Beijing respectively. Two test report show: “not detected chloramphenicol.” Supermarket exit “Di beans” huge advertising still dazzling. The reporter learned that, at present, Anhui, Guangdong, Fujian and Hainan provinces has been suspended sales of “Di beans.”

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