Why do many employees get frustrated very often in industry? Industry pays far better salary than any other concern.  The basic concept in life is that happiness comes with fat salary and other perks, then why so much of frustrations?


Fundamentally, most employees make either of the three below mentioned mistakes in industry that often put them in anguish and they are


Unqualified expectations  
Loyalty to the organizations
Notion of performance will reward


How do we define unqualified expectations?  Most employees think that they deserve better than what they are receiving at present.  The primary cause for such expectation is comparison.  Employees always compare themselves with others and add more scores to them in terms of intelligence, articulation…. etc  Also possible that some employees would think that what ever is offered to some one in the organization, they are also entitled to.   Proven capability only will be considered in the organization not what employee think he or she is capable off.  If an employee introspects and correct the above mistake, he or she can minimize tension, frustrations and unhappiness in the organization.


The other most common reason for the despondency of many employees in a corporate is the feeling of loyalty.  Employees foolishly think that if they are loyal, everything is assured.  What is the definition of being loyal?  Every employee must learn to be loyal with him/her than with the organization.  One should be loyal to his/her profession.  Success and happiness are possible only through ones own professional excellence and the same cannot be achieved through loyalty.  Only professionally weak and ‘unqualified employees’ speak the language of loyalty.  By being loyal, one would get what he or she is getting and not more than that.  Loyal people should not aspire for anything or compare themselves with others.  If they do so, they are contradicting to the very feeling loyalty to the organization.  Business growth and success of organization largely depends on the professionals.  If the so called ‘loyal employees’ change to professionals, good amount of frustrations and worries can be abandoned.


Always, employees believe that their performance will reward and the reward should be directly proportional to their performance.  In many organizations, apparently non performers are greatly rewarded.  Reward always comes with human element and hence the true performance and performers are more often pushed to the back seat.   The definition of performance also varies considerably.  Relevance and the impact of the performance is the yard stick for reward calculations.  Even if the performance is great and fully in line with the set targets in the beginning of the year, reward may not be assured if the impact factor is less.  Create impact of your performance.  Also remember that, beyond your performance, the key factor called ‘human element’ play a big role in your reward system.  It is will true both when you are at the receiving end as well as when you are at the deciding end.     

Dr S Ranganathan, Director, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., Chennai
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