To understand how the talents, interests and agendas of the individual team members can help or hurt their efforts to succeed, women CEOs need to take the time to step back and be an observer instead of a leader so that other ideas and interests of members can be expressed.

This is critical because most teams towards the top rarely operate as a team. Instead they usually operate as a collection of individuals who represent the key functional areas of the organization. And in truth women ceos know that much of the work at this level needs to be done by people operating alone. Yet there are other times when the work of a dozen individual members can easily be surpassed by the collective efforts of those working together.

So how can women ceos know that their teams are operating as a group?

When they or their organization gets broadsided with some unforeseen situation that has the potential to wreck havoc on their plans. And even when unexpected situations occur, does the team have what it takes to work its way out of the problem. Women CEOs view this as having enough leadership capability to anticipate and respond to challenges.

You can’t fake it and you’d better have it before you need it. There’s a reason why some organizations do well in a crisis while others do not. They likely have developed the necessary leadership capabilities to respond to almost any problem. And business is not always about avoiding problems but responding to them in the most effect way.

So think back to a particularly challenging time in your business. Were you blindsided and if you were, were you able to rise about it and respond fairly well. If so, you have the required leadership capability. If not, you’d better get started in developing more of it before the next crisis. So how can women ceos accomplish this?

Start by learning how to slip into a team member role to help the group work through problems without depending on you. Also get them focused on solving tough business problems such as technology, culture change or transformation. It should not be easy and will require much time, struggles and interactions. Make sure to encourage them to develop the solutions without your input.

When the group presents you with a winning plan or rises to the occasion when times are tough, you’ll know that you have increased your leadership capabilities by developed an effective team, a collection of individual contributors who work well together.

The best women ceos plan now so they’ll have what they need should the need arise. See how others are making this happen. See what you can learn from the experiences of others.

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