Know underwear brand Store an array of lingerie brand that might make you confused. Do not underestimate the importance of brand, because underwear is one of the most complicated costume design, it relates to materials, ergonomics, clothing mechanics, modeling and other disciplines of knowledge, a mature brand of products for many years often condensation experience, and has a fixed design.

1.Laperla Laperla, the world’s most beautiful and most expensive lingerie. Laperla women’s bras, socks, pants, Baby underwear, tank tops, pajamas, girdle and swimwear, no not the world’s favorite women. Laperla design philosophy is: a woman off his coat in time, is still beautiful, and most glamorous, sexy.

2. Xiandai Er First French lingerie brand Chantelle, founded in 1876, the main needs of the object to 25 to 45 years of urban women, is a leadership position in France, the brand. Chantelle of each designer underwear have been designed to be the most advanced materials on the Leavers lace, Guipure lace and three-dimensional full Textronic lace, etc., in order to receive a second layer of skin-like comfort, no oppressive effect, also used a more thoughtful senior mercerized cotton, super soft fabric and fiber. Product design and manufacture of a strong emphasis on the characteristics of each small detail, for example, than in the general neglect of the straps on the brand with Narrow lace. Chantelle is also very demanding in terms of quality perfection, such as insisting on its symmetry and each product have called on the delicate lace of delicate fabric maintenance.

3.LiseCharmel LiseCharmel famous French luxury lingerie brand is simply the French women enjoy the extreme years, reflected in the succession under the premise of classical beauty, sexy models model always keep you in the top of the tide. The fabric used, the use of a large number of lace and embroidery will play to the best technology, the first of the shoulders and neck harness design with design is now sweeping the world.

4. Triumph The first lingerie brand in the world, with the origin of modern underwear with 112-year history, sales in 120 countries, annual output of more than 200 million. 1886, Triumph was founded in Germany in the early 20th century underwear in the world community to establish “Triumph” brand. Triumph for its popular design, exquisite workmanship, comfort, advanced fabric, has won the favor of women around the world. Products related to ordinary type, classical, functional, pajamas type, physical type, sports and other fields.

5. Avon Brand from the United States, began in 1886, to cosmetics known for their underwear with the East cut, curve fitting underwear, from material selection to production models by the fashion designer’s vision checks at each level of professional, meticulous.

6. Wacoal Brand from Japan, began in 1949, entered China in 1986. Most important human science research, by collecting a large number of Japan, Taiwan, China and other places of the female human body data, the product most suitable characteristics of Asian women, look very elegant. A large number of beam hip pants and Shu Yi to choose from, is a major feature of the brand.

7. Audrey From Taiwan, was founded in 1957. Characterized by: A? Attractive charming; U? Urbane elegant; D? Delightful cute; R? Romantic romantic; E? Elegant noble. Not only adopted a senior French lace materials, design aesthetic inspiration also comes from the French court, flaunt itself in the intellectual self-confidence and the United States.

8. Embry From Hong Kong, began in 1975. Bra with the famous three-dimensional. Every summer swimsuit variety is very rich and very rich and interesting couple bathing suits, mother, mother-daughter series swimsuit.

9. Oudi Fen From Taiwan, began in 1983, 1993, the mainland, as “underwear Waichuan” provides a rich selection of species is one of the characteristics of the brand, in addition Ou Difen often introduce various distinctive underwear (such as soft massage beads bra, water bag bra, etc.).

10. Shikang Na

From France, began in 1933, the brand meaning “scandal.” Scandale founded 30 years for women to bring women’s underwear is the “scandal” or “revolution” has been the one in controversy. No matter what, “Scandale” never in a strong color, bold, mysterious allure has known. Interestingly, the advertising image of a woman’s place is always a key to enlarge the hole.

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