Lianriyinyu, too much moisture to Making Haikou public life a great deal of trouble. The fear is frequently wet appliances “sick” and many

Shop full of wet appliances. Experts warned the public that the ventilation, regular maintenance to prevent electrical fail.

Chinese New Year holidays

Miss Xu Hui Letang Shanxi home, just come back last night. Originally thought that the warm weather in Hainan to give her a good mood, did not expect too much humidity so frequent trouble at home. “Drops of water can sheet home to.” Miss Xu told the reporter, because the weather is too humid days with no windows open for ventilation, living room and kitchen ceiling Qiangpi even many off. More headaches for Miss Xu is a lot of home appliances are not listening to beck and call, an open

Machine, the picture blurred, color uniform, can not see, but also issued a “creak” sound, scared she quickly turned off

, Home desktop computers have not opened a little reaction.

Not only Miss Xu, a lot of people living in Hainan has also obviously feel very humid air, home appliances also have “sick.” Traders work at an insurance company Mr. Chen told reporters that six colleagues home appliances are at fault.

abnormal repair shop business booming

“Must line up two days TV repair it!” Press in Sai Sha Road, civilized East, etc.

Repair shop to see more free daily in the shop filled with “sick” of appliances. Haidian Island an electrical repair shop

Said recently because of bad weather “strike” of the appliance few, Haidian Island the coast appliances “strike” is even more serious. Since last week, brought home appliance repair more than half. “We have enough people can not visit

Many customers are moving their appliances to be repaired. “This reporter has learned that the electrical components wet main led to the use of internal failure. Televisions, computer monitors problems than

Electric moisture remember four items

Electrical maintenance issues on the damp weather, in electrical maintenance work for many years Master Yang said: “after noon on the regular window ventilation, can reduce indoor humidity.” He advised people to remember the four notes to prevent electrical damp.

First, the electrical should be placed in well ventilated areas as far as possible. Washing machine is best not to put in the bathroom and other places where water vapor density, can be placed on the balcony. Do not be such vase or glass container with water, placed in the TV or

Second, moisture is often the best way to use, regular inspection and maintenance. Air-conditioning when not in use a long, pipe water and dust when mixed bacteria, there will be products of plastic materials, component aging and hardening. Recommends that users of air conditioners time to time to ensure that air conditioning is in good condition, also open 12 hours air-conditioned room can disperse moisture.

Third, TV and other appliances are a number of cooling holes, Over time dust will be through these holes into an electrical appliance, when the weather wet, the dew will be condensed together with the dust. Users can use the hair dryer to remove the debris.

Fourth, standing a number of desiccant, normally placed in the computer chassis and two packets of desiccant, and use the dust-proof cloth covering the chassis and display. For the digital camera should be placed within a silica gel drying moisture, in leather would be more easily absorb moisture.

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