2 28, the thirty-second session of the Tenth NPC Standing Committee voted through a revised “Water Pollution Control Act,” June 1 came into effect. The bill stipulates that governments at all levels of water environmental protection according to the needs of such prohibited or restricted the use of detergents containing phosphorus. Two year period, the Peasants and Workers Democratic Central collective statement and submit joint proposals to the General Assembly, requires States to take legislative measures, phosphorus detergent ban the production, sale and use. It seems that “being banned in detergents,” This Road, magic spells are more bands more tight.

Imperative being banned in detergents Peasants and Workers Democratic Party Central Committee

proposal in the collective, said China is the world’s most stringent needs of countries being banned in detergents, but since the introduction of phosphorus from detergents 10 years, China only allows the production and use of low phosphorus detergent phosphorus limit state. Phosphorus limited land area of less than 1 / 10, total phosphorus washing powder detergent smaller proportion of the total. Trimer contained detergent Phosphate Sodium (ST PP ) Is dissolved in phosphorus, algae and other bio-absorption can be used. Its contribution to eutrophication phosphorus rate of 50% to 60%.

It is understood that eutrophication is mainly the frequent outbreak of red tide and algae, a serious threat to the ecological environment, human health and economic and social development. In 2004, large outbreaks of red tide in coastal Zhejiang disasters, pollution area of 10,000 square kilometers in Zhejiang coastal ecological environment has been seriously damaged; in 2007, Wuxi Taihu algae outbreak incidents overnight let millions of people’s problem of drinking water has been severely disturbed; the last two years of crazy Gezhouba reservoir water hyacinth water hyacinth growth and Minjiang water is more than the repeated administration, resulting in Transport Channel is seriously hampered. The data show that water pollution in Taihu Lake caused by the loss of about 5 billion yuan per year.

China is Cleaning Products Production and Consumption Power. In 2007, China’s detergent market, sales reached 480 billion yuan, total production of nearly a thousand tons of detergents. Among them, the proportion of non-phosphorus detergent is small, only 20 million tons.

Many obstacles facing being banned in detergents

Peasants and Workers Democratic Central Committee, said in the proposal, our cleaning products industry, lack of a comprehensive driving force being banned in detergents. 10 years after being banned in detergents in developed countries, the production of detergents of foreign companies will have products and phosphorus Production equipment Transfer to China. In almost fully occupied the Chinese market, these foreign companies do not want China to achieve a comprehensive phosphorus from detergents. 1997 release GB/T13171? 1997 addition to the non-phosphorus washing powder washing powder new standard to limit phosphorus, but also relaxed component provides specific provisions on non-phosphorus detergent Polyphosphate Content. Currently, the market posted a non-phosphorus Label 100% is phosphorus washing powder washing powder, washing powder and some real high phosphorus content. Some manufacturers produce poor quality non-phosphorus washing powder, even shoddy. May 2004 release of GB/Tl3171? 2004 abolished the national standard formulation of non-phosphorus detergent composition quantitative targets, “added the total five-phosphorus washing powder Oxidation 2 P content indicators “, and is not cap.

This eutrophication in China for the prevention and treatment of phosphorus emissions control runs counter to environmental requirements.

Peasants and Workers Democratic members believe that local government area being banned in detergents do not promote the role of eutrophication control. The main reason is the flow and cleaning products by the industry-standard constraints, can not be achieved strictly being banned in detergents; waters downstream through phosphorus pollution caused by difficult to control. Of total phosphorus in water most of invalid phosphorus, total phosphorus alone on eutrophication evaluation STPP contribution rate is not objective. Some departments only to illustrate the main water quality indicators of water quality, but masked the environmental remediation exceeded the most noteworthy item. Peasants and Workers Democratic Party, according

Research The Three Gorges reservoir area to three types of water-based, but total nitrogen, total phosphorus actually V class, fecal coliform as bad V category. EU Environment Council in 2002 published “phosphate on the role of eutrophication and prevention measures” on the proposals, “STPP as a household detergent, detergent, soluble phosphorus in urban wastewater

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