Since the last decade the economical crises faced by the world has left it in quiet distress. Not only people who have freshly graduated or done their masters and have started to look for new jobs have been affected by this but those who have more than fifteen years of experience behind their back are also finding it difficult to look for the new jobs. Social networking has surfaced itself as a reliable solution to this problem.

The old way of getting a job through references is losing its worth because an account on a social network gives a better view of a person’s personality and capabilities. In addition to this a smartly carved resume in your personal detail on your personal networking site has a great chance of landing you a job. All a person has to do is to make sure that he has a right group of contacts. Joining pages and getting involved in the discussions related to your work of line is a smart way of sharing your skills in that particular field. Getting an extra hand from group of people who can help you in finding the desired job is more likely to give fruitful results.


Career coaching is a very lucrative profession. Helping someone and getting paid for it is like cake with a cherry on top. With proper training in coaching and business skills one can become a very stable career advisor. Higher the qualifications in the subject of business easier the task becomes. Dealing a client physiologically helps a lot. Just putting yourself in other person’s shoes assists career coaches to advise a suitable career path. The key to success in this profession is to figure out what truly is important to clients and with that information, help to bring the best out of them.

As a career coach you would love to lay hand on as many clients as possible and in order to satisfy your clients you need contacts to important and blooming firms and industries. One of the most successful way is to take help from social networking. Social networking helps to maintain a large social circle. Personal affiliations help you to land limited clients however there may be many people who might be looking for your career advice and social networking can help them to get through to you; helping to expand your business. Keeping an eye on several vacancies in leading firms by following them on their network pages and then matching their needs to your clients is all it takes.

Social networking has become key to many successes in our modern world. Correct and most efficient use can help a person get maximum out of his or her skills with the help of social networking. You are able to reach to many people and similarly many people are able to reach to you. Career coaching needs an extensive know how of current happenings in business and job world, and with the help of social networking sites, finding most of the information easily accessible with just few clicks has made career coaching easy and fun.


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