Today’s business and entrepreneurial environment requires a different approach to leadership and management than ever before. Folks coming into the workplace have different thoughts goals and aspirations than they did even five years ago, they receive information a different way and they have very clear expectations about how they receive and digest communication.

That’s exactly where the coaching approach to managing and leading comes into play. The use of coaching skills in the workplace can:

1. Transform business relationships,

2. Increase productivity and

3. Catapult employee morale.

When an employee sees that management is listening to them, truly hearing them, asking them questions – they feel appreciated. They feel respected. So leaders need to learn to become an internal coach. They need to develop the skills and use them to the mutual benefit of the organization, the employee and yes, the manager!

So think about where you need to start the process of coaching. Of course all areas are important to the company. Look in your organization for areas that show signs of discontent, areas that are working well and figure out why they work so well. Look for the differences in the area, what makes one rock and the other struggle. And coach the struggling area to success.

When managers apply coaching skills in the workplace they will soon see wholesale changes in how people connect and support each other as well as the goals of the business. You will find that many of your staff are capable of taking on much more than they are currently showing you. So, look for resources that can help you make a difference in your leadership team and prepare yourself fot the positive changes that are bound to follow. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Give it a try!!

Lindel James is the founder and CEO of The Center for Leadership Skills and a Professional Leadership and Sales Coach who shares her extensive experience in Management,Leadership Teambuilding and Selling Skills generously with her clients.
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