One needs to be aware what is going on inside ones head. What you believe determines what you think. What you think determines what you do. What you do paths out and determines your life. In other words, you become what you believe. This could be no further from the truth when looking to build a business with Ideas Working From Home .

We may not always get what we wish for or deserve in life, but generally we don’t get more than what we expect either. Unfortunately this works strongly when feeling negative. Being negative is a choice and can limit both vision and focus.


A guy named Nick worked in the rail industry in an old railway yard. He was a strong tough man who liked his work. In fact he was one of the best employees. He arrived on time, was both reliable and hard working. He also got on well with his co-workers. However, he had one major problem. His attitude was chronically negative.

Nick’s reputation went before him. He was known as the most pessimistic man on the job. He perpetually feared the worst and constantly worried that one day something bad will happen.

One summer day, the crew were told to go home early to change in order to celebrate a birthday of the foreman. They all left except Nick who was just keen to finish the job he was on before joining his co-workers.

As Nick did the final round to ensure there were no lose ends, he managed to lock himself in a refrigerated box car that had been brought into the yard for repairs. The box was empty and not connected to any of the trains. Once he realised he was locked in, he started to panic. He began beating the door of the carriage so hard that his arms and hands become bloody. He screamed as loud as he could until his voice gave out.

Aware of his surrounds, he guessed the temperature was well below freezing. Nick fearing the worst, he waited for the inevitable – to either freeze to death or to suffocate. Shivering, he found a pen and piece of paper and started to write a note…”If I don’t get out soon, these will be the last words I will ever write”. And they were!

The next morning when the crew turned up for work, they found Nick’s body in the box car. The autopsy revealed that Nick did freeze to death. But there was an interesting enigma. On investigating Nick’s death, it was discovered the refrigerator unit on the carriage was in fact switched off as it was out of order. The temperature in the box when Nick froze was as high as 60 degrees – that slightly less at the normal room temperature.

Nick lost his life as a result of the thoughts and fears within his mind. He feared the worse and this came to pass.


There are many who fear the worst and yes the story above does take this to the extreme. People expect and encourage defeat in what they say and think. You see and hear this all the time. These people normally get what they expect and become what they believe.

If this is you then it is time to change. Learn to have a positive outlook, choose to believe in good things and keep negative thoughts at bay. Learn to firstly inspire yourself then secondly inspire others.

You will find it difficult to succeed at home or in business if you don’t believe firstly you are capable and secondly willing. Learn to truly believe in the scope of leadership and will you break the negative barrier and conquer your mind. Start believing today and see what results become forthcoming.

We can all aspire to achieve better things. It may be a case of changing direction and doing something you have never done, but always dreamt of. I’m helping people to think positively about the future and how best use their time. I believe that people can find a way within to pursue an idea and a vision. We all have the ability to take control of our lives, but many just don’t know it or how.

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