Securing a firm foundation for your workpiece is an essential operation underpinning most sculptural woodcarving (carving whole trees – and larger parts thereof – is a different matter!).  The availability of the WivaMac carving clamp range in the UK through The ToolPost ( will make achieving that firm foundation much simpler in the future.  With the choice of carving clamps becoming progressively reduced in the past few years it is refreshing that Belgian specialist equipment manufacturer WivaMac continue to produce a range of well-engineered clamps to suit various working situations and styles and, indeed, pockets.


The SPB1019 is a single lever operated low-profile woodcarving clamp, offering full three-dimensional movement, designed to be mounted either horizontally (as pictured) or vertically on the bench.  The clamp is topped off with a substantial, detachable mounting plate, well provided with holes for securing the workpiece using screws.  The SPB1019 costs £131.43 excluding VAT.


The SPB1020 is designed to be mounted on the bench top and offers independent adjustment of the tilt of the working axis and the rotation of the workpiece.  The two movements are each controlled by a large and robust lever, allowing firm locking to be achieved without the application of superhuman forces!  The SPB1020 costs £117.14 (excl. VAT).


For the most substantial workpieces, yet providing easy locking and a huge range of movement, the SPB1050 is available.  This woodcarving clamp is based on the well-known and oft-employed spherical ball principle but, unlike most other such clamps, this one is founded on a truly massive 80 mm (3.15″) diameter ball.  The effect of this is to make locking the clamp a truly finger-tip exercise.  The clamping of all movement is achieved with the use of a single substantial ratchet lever, easily accessed, yet positioned to avoid any possible obstruction to the working area. Some impression of the solidity of construction of this product is indicated by its weight of 7.25 kg.  The manufacturer’s attention to detail is shown in the provision of springs to ease the separation of the clamping rings: a small item, but adding to the product’s feeling of quality and thoughtful development.  Such capacity, flexibility, ease of operation and robustness is available for the surprisingly modest sum of £200.95 (excl. VAT).


For the woodturning world, WivaMac also produces a Woodturners Carving Clamp, designated the DB1501, which allows a woodturning chuck to be mounted on the clamp and the clamp to be mounted in the lathe’s banjo, in place of the toolrest.  This arrangement gives woodturners a convenient way of holding turned workpieces simplifying the tasks of carving, texturing and colouring them.  The DB1501 costs £141.90 inc. VAT.  Whilst the DB1501 has an M33 x 3.5mm mounting thread for the chuck, the DB1502 is also available, with a similar specification, but with a 1″ x 8 tpi chuck mounting thread.


All of these fine clamping devices are available from The Toolpost store in Didcot, Oxfordshire as well as the online store at, alongside a wealth of other woodturning and woodcarving tools.

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