I apprehend nothing of war, never served within the military and have never been during a state of conflict underneath the auspices of a confrontational operation; below the state of government. I do know but, that war is an awful phenomenon. I do know that though I have never served in the military I have immense respect for those that have and who do serve within the military. I conjointly apprehend that the act of violence is an alternate for many leaders as a course of last resort. I personally believe that no one really likes war. In my read, what makes this material fascinating; is that the state of war and leadership are without a doubt issues that resonate from the acts of human behavior; and therefore therefore leadership evolves.

I’m a personal development and leadership coach, trainer, instructor and consultant. I think about myself well versed in the field of politics, public policy and coming up with and organizational development and management. Now, how is it, that war is applicable to the subject matter of my field of interest. First of all the field of human behavior is broad and most complex. The field of politics and economics are intertwined usually with discussions that cause issues of human behavior. And so therefore, leadership comes to play a central role in the implementation of war and leadership. In concert reads this article there may be a way of fuzziness; how does all this relate to leadership within the state of war?

Study what the globe is confronted with; the peoples of the planet now live in the ever threatening lifetime of terrorism and conflicts that would explode at any time; to the point that multinational consortiums can be establish and countries will be throwing in their hats on holding firm to whatever political remedies is most appropriate for their country. And, so therefore the voters of the world are once more in an exceedingly quest for leaders. Leaders who can lead for peace without violence, leaders who can lead on the premise of prosperity and leadership based mostly on sustainability.

Think about it for a second, shop around and see who has influenced you that lead whereas in an exceedingly state of war; well I should say I’ve got been influenced by Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan simply to name some; as I have also been influenced by the great Mexican revolutionary generals Pancho Villa and Emiliano Zapata. And, take a further look and assess if you have got been influenced more in any manner with additional leadership behavioral modalities and individual that were an integral part of your life. In my case, my father who was a World War II Navy man, a brother who served within the Vietnam War a terribly dear young friend of mine who I like like a son is preparing to go to Afghanistan and therefore the countless women who have served in roles than are second to none. In several instances without the lady these men would never have been the leaders they were.

You see leadership is that the innermost concept that flows through mind when one thinks of the leaders so mentioned in this article. These leaders were proponents of Leadership for the cause of peace, leadership for the reason for freedom and leadership for the reason for expression. The ideas of leadership for the aim of human dignity are problems we have a tendency to must hold expensive to our hearts.

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