As part of my ongoing commitment to personal development, I attended a seminar over the weekend where the speaker talked about the seven inherent growth steps every leader must take.

I have made a firm commitment to follow these steps as I develop as a leader within the network and online marketing industry. I’d like to share these seven growth steps of leadership with you, and ask if you are already incorporating these steps as a leader.

1) Connect your passion for success with a common moral good.  You must focus on connecting with other people, and create a vision that is rooted in win-win. If you focus on providing others what they need, success will eventually follow. Knowing that your product or service is a win for others creates a deeper and more legitimate passion for you to strive.

2) Become a student of your work and industry, not just a servant to it. This involves acquiring knowledge, developing ideas, and improving your skills.  With increased knowledge and skills, you are more valuable to others, which is a necessary trait of a leader.

3) Avoid extreme shifts in mood, focus, and determination when building your foundation. We must be careful not to let our emotions get the better of us. When faced at a low point or stressful situation, we must exercise calm and patience.

4) Learn to endure hardships and inconveniences with a positive spirit. Complaining about a situation will not encourage others to help you. Maintaining that positive spirit will rub off on other people, and they will be more inclined to help you get through the hardships.

5) Improve yourself more than you grow your business. Spend time on personal development, read books, listen to CDs and podcasts, and find successful mentors. If people are attracted to you because of what you achieved in personal development and the value you can offer, they will naturally follow you and eventually follow your business.

6) Foster interaction with others by renewing your faith in the inherent ability to rise to the occasion. Have the belief that people can succeed no matter what. The three keys you can do to motivate others are optimism, encouragement, and enthusiasm.

7) Understand that the greatest avenue of creating success in other is love. Always give more than you take and create a culture of generosity.

Good luck, and feel free to comment if you think there are additional steps I haven’t mentioned but worth noting for every leader.

Kris de Leon is an Internet Entrepreneur, Small Business Consultant, and Executive Recruiter in the Green Building and Clean Energy sector. If you are struggling with quality leads, or are looking for high quality Internet marketing training, check out MLM Lead King.

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