Introduction: Over the last few years, every business has countenanced an ambush of challenges: global economic instability, fierce competition, customer churn, mergers and acquisitions, rising security concerns and waves of regulatory compliance issues. For now, stakeholders continue to demand that top executives increase profits, lower costs, expand market share and grow revenue. In that circumstances Combination of business processes makes sure that the principles and accomplishment Program becomes prepared and victorious.



Meaning of business process:


A business process is a compilation of business communications among business partners and/or inside activities within one business. These communications and/or activities together maintain the purpose of the business process.


The business process is a succession of activities going on within a company that guide to a exact end. Most repeatedly, the business process focuses on meeting the needs of the client and distributing a good or service that will perform that require. Case in point – A business processes comprise getting orders, invoicing, shipping products, updating employee information, or setting a marketing budget. Business processes arise at all stages of an organization activity


In a short- progression of understandably connected activities or errands. Like planning, assembly, sales completed mutually to produce a defined set of results. This is also called a business occupation.



What is business Process Documentation?


The key to every successful business is classification and announcement of the repeatable processes that make the business go. It is a process of methodical and succinct imprison of critical business related plans and concepts so that the information can be shared with concerned individuals in future for smooth running of the business. The aim of process documentation is to discover from previous execution experience and use it in the present circumstances according to the policy and strategy of the organization. Devoid of documenting the procedures needed to perform your business,


Combination of business:


Combination of business processes makes sure that the ethics and fulfillment Program becomes operational and successful.


01. Increasing clear policies and measures

02. Corresponding to, and training, employees about the code of conduct and related practices

03. Observing progress

04. Expositing to management/partners and the board-leadership lineup

05. Fine-tuning strategies

06. Corresponding the company’s successful presentation to key stakeholders. Gauging the efficiency of ethics agendas is hard, but it is vital to ensuring ethical behaviour is incorporated into the managerial procedures. There are a number of conducts to check and assess the victorious embedding of ethical behaviors. Some of the more ordinary presentation indicators include:

07. System of conduct awareness signatures

08. Helpline consciousness, call decision and trends

09. Satisfactoriness of program certification

10. Risk management and early detection

11. Steadiness of enforcement

12. Principled culture surveys and worker opinions

13. Management’s rejoinder to issues raised.





Corporate governance, business ethics and successful fulfillment management are more and more critical to an organization’s standing and accomplishment. To recover public trust, maintain standing and grow market share, all organizations need to implant ethics and observance into their culture and core business processes. The eventual success or failure of an organization’s code of conduct and business ethics program will rest upon the values and culture created by the board of directors or leadership team, and eventually embraced by its entire people.


MHOHAMMAD WAHID ABDULLAH KHANS/O MOHAMMAD SAADULLAH KHANDhaka, Bangladesh Mr. Mohammad Wahid Abdullah Khan is the Project director of “Max Textiles Ltd”.Mr. Wahid has been in accounting field since 1999. Prior to that he had completed over ten (10) years in various fields of Business like – Accounts, Finance, Internal & External Audit, project budgeting and project costing related positions in some of the largest group companies & the join venture companies in Bangladesh. He consults with small- medium business owners and services professionals, business consulting service and project process. He is most experience in Financial Risk Assessment, Financial analysis, Financial Advising and Project Cost Analysis. He has published more than 150 articles & case study in different international journals. Such as Business, finance, personal finance, international finance, auditing, Risk assessment topic and performance & industrial related,Mr. khan’s most popular articles is  “WAK” Model – The way of best solution for an organization internal audit process,( 1st,2nd,& 3rd part) “WAK” Model”- for successful financial resource , “Wahid khan”- cost analysis,Wahid theory – the key of dynamic series for successful financial consulting, Wahid techniques – the Significance and dependability manner for Performance audit(1st,2nd,& 3rd part) Wahid’s Opinion – non-conformity among the performance audit and financial audit,Wahid’s view- The cogent task and the confront of financial/economic analysis in the modern business decision making , Wahid’s outlook- The Business Financial Analysis Should Be Included several required Documents with the analysis report or plan, WAHID’S JUDGMENT- difference strategic plan as opposed to an operational plan ,WAHID’S METHOD– the charismatic and fruitful guideline for financial investment decision making ,WAHID’S MEASURE – the influential and evaluated of similarity between profit & non- profit business planning & Wahid’s philosophy- The examined & careful consideration of strategic planning against business planning, PPBS MODEL,He has consulted with more than 25 service & product companies,  in recent years Mr. khan has been spending most of his professional time for financial consulting , Mr. Wahid is the owner of “WAM” Associates and “WAK” business solutions;  
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