There are many  ways to bring about  communications, some paid, some free. Needless to say, I suggest using free methods although some people might have a different taste.

I particularly love the feeling of seeing a royalty coming in and knowing that 99.99% of the total amount of that commission is pure profit.

So maybe I do not get 10,000 visits per day to my website, but each on I get is 100% without charge so I probably make more money than many PPC users who at the end of the day have to give up a big chunk of their profit to Google AdWords.

But let us focus on the main issue I want to discuss in this article: what is the best way to build and  bring about a continued flowing of communications… for no cost.

I know that you have probably heard about different theories and strategies designed to produce free business, from social bookmarking to blog commenting etc, however, although countless of the usually recognized without charge methods do offer a certain level of effectiveness, there is only one that can truly become both a huge short term and a long term source of traffic.

This often underestimated method is no other than article selling, and I would say it is not only underestimated it is also underused because many people discard it because they tend to think that developing transactions,  through article selling is too hard, and they fail to realize a couple of important details:

1.- Article marketing provides you with the highest quality customers,  money can buy, only you are getting it for free.

Indeed, think for a minute the level of conversions you can reach from a visitor driven to your site from an article. This is a person who already spent a few minutes reading your article and then he or she clicked through, meaning that up to some point he or she greatly agrees with you.

This level of predisposition can hardly be achieved through a two line ad, where the visitors often clicks through just out of curiosity and each time they do your bank account is getting hammered.

What this means is that you need a lot less article traffic than you need other sort of business in order to get the same number of conversions.

2.- Article advertising provides you with quality one way links to your site, which is the foundation of a higher rank in the search engines and ultimately a great source of free targeted traffic.

3.- All these effects are permanent, so the more you do, the more you will get both instantly and over time.

Now, certainly if you were to pursue the benefits of article marketing by writing 20 articles a day with the goal of building a stream of communications and 700 on way links within the year, I would certainly agree… this is too much work.

But, if you do the same by writing just one article per day, but submitting that article to 200 directories, then you would be creating around 7,000 independent sources of traffic to your site plus an equal number of one way links that would in turn help you suck a great deal of natural traffic from the search engines. Then you can really sit back and enjoy a real avalanche of business with just a little work.

In order to do this however, you cannot go submitting your articles to each directory on by one, because you will be 1 month older by the time you are finished submitting just one article.

Instead you should use an article submission software that can do this mechanical and painstaking job for you in one click, and save a ton of time and income while you get the best of both worlds: massive immediate communications and one way links to your site.


Add to that the fact that all you need to start is a PC and an internet connection, and you can completely understand why I say that you have to (and can allow yourself to) start thinking about simplicity, flexibility and profitability.

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