Tender Manager’s Initial Function

Decide whether to tender or not.

Duplicate the required number of copies.

Produce a tender timescale diary.

Safely store two copies for the tender response.

Read the tender document and send off for any relevant reference documents stated in the document.

Log the date of request for this documentation and ensure its speedy receipt.

Decide what team of experts in required to complete the tender.

Circulate reference documentation on receipt.

Call an initial meeting of the tender team.

Formation of Tender Team

This may include input from your design, production, finance, legal, commercial and sales personnel. It is important to include any sales personnel who have knowledge of the client; they are likely to appreciate from their past contact, any requirements the client feels are important. These may not be obvious from, or even stated in, the tender document, but when addressed in your tender are likely to be positively considered. This sets your bid above those of your competitors.

First Tender Team Meeting

The initial meeting agenda:

Read through the tender documents.

Reconsider decision to tender.

Assign different aspects of the tender to appropriate personnel present.

Denote clearly on each copy who is responsible for each item.

Having referred to the tender timescales diary, fix a date for a second team meeting by which time all assigned work is to be completed.

Should you decide to decline to tender, notify the issuing authority immediately. Give clear reasons for your decision and express a wish to be considered for future contracts. If, as a result of your team’s initial meeting, clarification is required, detail your question for presentation at the pre-tender meeting or send the questions to the issuing authority.

Second tender Team Meeting

Your tender team:

Presents and discuss the various elements of the tender they were allocated.

Considered the answers received from the client authority to questions raised.

Raises further questions.

Agrees with the tender response.

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Dr.Irfan Ahmad is the Chief Editor of www.tenderserviceonline.com and CEO Tender Service Pakistan.He has twenty years of experience in providing tender information services to the clients. He has written two books on tendering by the name of “Managing Tender Business” and “Combating Procurement Frauds”

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