For the entrepreneur, creating an industry disruption is thoroughly annoying your competition solely based on your existence as a human being.

Every now and again, companies come to my staffing agency and ask us to recruit from a competitor. I don’t understand this methodology of emulating people who would put you out of business in a heartbeat.

The competition serves one purpose for the entrepreneur: to be a bench mark to beat over and over again. Too many firms adhere to a status quo of 8 hours and 0 minutes a day. Eventually, this complacency vanishes the firm off the map. Look what happened to Microsoft.

If you put your mind to it, this mentality and exceedingly poor work ethic is quite easy to exploit. However, many entrepreneurs won’t put in the extra time and this nearly closes their chance of never having to write a resume again in their lives.

The vendors I have that make a lot of money are those that will email back at 10:00 p.m. Conversely, the vendors that are lazy, get fired.

How Do You Create A Buzz And Disrupt Competitor Business Flow?

The Bulldozer Attitude

The only way to win in entrepreneurship is to have a mindset that, regardless of industry and regardless of work hours, you will be the most effective, most customer-oriented and hardest working person in the business.

Think of yourself as a 3rd down running back who is inches away from the goal line. You pick the gap (your industry), commit and, regardless of who is in the way, you make sure you reach the end zone.

Whether you are working from an office or you are a home-based business, it is imperative that you creative a buzz within your industry. Work hard enough and you will get under the competition’s skin.

The Hate Mail – A Loud And Clear Disruption

About a year and a half ago, I knew I created a buzz when another recruiter sent a hate email through our website about us working from a residential apartment.

The next day I signed a two-year lease in a office at Herald Square in New York City.

Once you create an industry disruption, statistics that you will survive in business increase roughly 5 fold.

A Well Written, Personalized Website

In business, unless you are the Apple or Google of your field, it’s all about differentiating yourself from your competition and cementing yourself in your customer base’s mind. In a modern marketplace driven by the Internet, the most surefire way to do both these things is to build a website geared toward what your buyers are looking for.

People like to see whom they’re dealing with in business, so the easiest way to start such a website design is to use your own pictures on your site.

Stock photos don’t just look too generic and they do the opposite trick, worse, they say nothing about the people your customers would be dealing with if they choose to buy from your company.


Ken Sundheim was the founder is the acting President of KAS Placement. KAS Chicago Recruiters KAS Placementdoes executive search for companies ranging from BNY Mellon to smaller, start-up organizations. The agencySales Management Headhunters Boston Recruiterswas founded by Ken from a studio apartment on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. KAS Recruiters Washington DC KAS Placement also has 2 new businesses ready to launch this year. Ken and his wife, Alison, live on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.
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