The study of history has allowed individuals to achieve a number of things, from discoveries about the lifestyles of ancient civilizations to an understanding of how the evolution of thought and the building of ideas have painted the current landscape. For many, understanding the past plays a key role in understanding the present, and for a select few, like Rich Gorman, having a comprehension of how the past has  shaped the present can illuminate clues as to how it will affect the future. Rich Gorman takes the study of history seriously because it not only helps him develop a greater awareness of the world around him, it helps him understand how the future will react to the present. As a business consultant this is important, because Rich Gorman’s line of work requires him to not only address the needs of his clients now, but to anticipate their future roles in their industries.

Being a well-read and educated member of society has long been important to Rich Gorman. After graduating with a degree in business and economics from Ohio University and going on to study at a graduate level at Harvard, Rich Gorman has continued to read about and study the world around him since completing his formal education. The key to remaining successful in the business world is to keep at least one step ahead of competitors– and the phrase “history repeats itself” is applicable to the industry. For this reason, commanding a fine knowledge of history, both of the field of business and the world in general, allows Rich Gorman to appreciate how one action can change everything– and how, based upon historical precedents, his actions can alter the way business is approached by his competitors.

Understanding how history has resulted in today’s world is an important aspect of determining how certain actions can affect the future. Rich Gorman has applied himself to developing a comprehension of cause and effect and a working knowledge of correlation– resulting in an ability to determine how one action may affect not just his own success, but the business world as a whole. As an avid reader, Rich Gorman often studies the work of Robert Greene and has expanded his reading materials to include both historical and current events, all of which he learns about from books, blogs, articles, newspapers, and reputable magazines.

As the world changes, Rich Gorman has determined that in order to keep up with the pace he and others must pay attention to the events that have acted as catalysts for these changes. By following a routine of self-development and ensuring that he takes the time to really understand the environment in which he works, Rich Gorman is able to maintain a high level of success.  

Danny Styles
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