?? Chun Feng spectrum and the China Environmental Protection Foundation launched the national “environmental income” communities

Recently, the practical response to the national “no plastic to make” the call for our next generation to build a healthy, good ecological environment, China Environmental Protection Foundation, Chun Feng spectrum together held a news conference in Beijing, jointly announced ” ‘Love Relay you and me, share health benefits 10 000’ National ‘green into the community,’ “project was officially launched. China Environmental Protection Foundation Deputy Secretary-General Zhou Guiling, Chun-Feng Chen Xianfeng, president of the spectrum, and the love from the environmental community volunteers attended the meeting.

“Relay love you and me, share health benefits 10 000”?? National environmental protection into community activities organized by the China Environmental Protection Foundation of Guangdong Chun Feng Industrial Company Limited, a spectrum of large green charity. According to Feng Jun Chen Xianfeng Spectrum’s president, said: starting from June, Chun Feng will widely distributed in the country through 42 cities, over 1000 levels, subsidiaries, business and service point for the Department to proceed with the activities, to mobilize all staff and those interested in participation in environmental awareness of the “love volunteers” into the neighboring communities together and encourage community residents to use discarded plastic bottles, plastic bags to renew “love bags.” Through on-site consultation, production of booklets, displays and education in different forms, the “healthy environment” permeated with the knowledge and way of life among residents of each community, to realize “you and I love him Relay, share health benefits 10 000.” China Environmental Protection Foundation Deputy Secretary-General Zhou Guiling said the move aimed at joint social forces, energy conservation into the community culture, health, environmental way of life, and fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the masses of green, use less plastic bags from the beginning with your neighbor together to create a “Green Olympics” and building “environment-friendly society” as a contribution.

China Environmental Protection Foundation Deputy Secretary-General Zhou Guiling also introduced the United Nations Environment Programme has identified the 2008 World Environment Day theme of “change the traditional concepts, the implementation of low-carbon economy” (Kickthe habit! Towards a lowcarbon). The long, people have been accustomed to supermarkets, markets, and so a lot of use of plastic shopping bags, plastic bottles. Although, these plastic consumables brought to people’s lives very convenient, but not only the production of these plastic bags consume large amounts of non-renewable petroleum, but also because of its non-degradable characteristics of the atmosphere and the soil environment poses great risk, further aggravate the Earth’s “greenhouse effect.” According to statistics, Beijing now abandoned 2.3 billion plastic bags each year, producing 140,000 tons of waste plastic packaging waste, accounting for 3% of the garbage; Shanghai annually produce 190,000 tons of waste plastic packaging waste, accounting for 7% of the total garbage.

Under the State Council’s “use restrictions on the production and sale of plastic shopping bags in the notice” requirement, from 1 June onwards, the nationwide ban on the production, sale and use of less than 0.025 mm thickness of plastic shopping bags and plastic practice system of compensation for the use of shopping bags. “Ban plastic order” to implement, it is hoped to change our traditional ideas and practices, and promote resource-saving and environment friendly society’s pace. However, to change a habit is always difficult. Therefore, the China Environmental Protection Foundation plan to join Chun Feng spectrum distributed in a nationwide renewal of more than 1 million “love bags”, I believe that this initiative not only for the lives of many community residents convenience, but also benefit for the environment.

Chun Feng spectrum can serve as the China Environmental Protection Foundation, the first community Cooperation Partners, because “concern Healthy Living Advocate love green “is Chun Feng spectrum company has consistently advocated the idea and has been working to put into action. In just the past 2007, when the United Nations Environment Programme’s” 6 5 “World Environment Day theme is “Melting Ice Hot Topic.” To inspire people to environmental protection, the concern of the glaciers, Feng Jun, president of the spectrum together weightlifting champion Chen Xianfeng He burning strong and well-known explorer, Li Yuyu together constitute the “Environmental Adventure Three Musketeers”, over half Earth, across Europe and Asia, South America, traveled across the Atlantic Ocean and the equatorial South Pole, to overcome the cold, seasickness, icebergs, ice and other dangers and difficulties, shoot a lot due to environmental pollution, it is extremely shocking and all the photos video material. a lot of valuable field data read these people are that far from being thought of as their daily consumption behavior, actually cause the Earth Mother so much harm.

Indeed, energy conservation, mitigation of climate warming should not only is the world’s United Nations General Assembly to discuss the topic, but everyone should start from the day, starting from the side and from now on things, “less plastic bags, “” not a one-time chopsticks, “” small car to walk “… … When the green into the mainstream consciousness of community residents,” Green Olympics “will no longer just a slogan, a better life for our health have!

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