Is Peter Taylor The Lazy Project Manager SCAM or The Real Deal? The truth will shock you…

It can be extremely uncommon for me to choose up a ‘management book’ involuntarily. I believe I misplaced that specific want when I did my MBA in the nineties. However, sometimes there is really a will need to obtain extra information or background information. So it was with some trepidation that I picked up Peter Taylor’s e-book 1 Sunday afternoon, understanding that I’d promised a review.

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I completed it later that day, possessing only set it down for a meal. I genuinely, actually appreciated it. I’ve study a quantity of the ‘jokey’ sort of management books about the many years; these which have catchy titles, and purport to be a enjoyable go through, but appear to be. This time I was pleasantly shocked that the guide not just caught and kept my interest, but that it did it in a very quite pleasurable, effortlessly absorbed way. Peter’s use of analogies and stories is exactly where I discovered some of the worth. The remainder of the worth came in the genuine content material of the e-book. About the many years as being a project / programme management advisor, lecturer, instructor and practitioner, I’ve constructed up a quite quite good training about how to handle alter into organisations by means of projects.

I can not discover fault with any of Peter’s suggestions – particularly the bit about becoming lazy! Peter has long been in a position to enrich the content material by making use of his stories and analogies to produce a quantity of factors, all of them prevalent sense; even items like “it is important to separate the important from the immediate” (my words not his – you discover his analogy in the e-book). 1 of the analogies that Peter utilizes, practically from the outset, is the fact that of a dinosaur – actually a brontosaurus. “I’m certain you realize the 1, thin at the front, thick in the center, then thin at the other finish.” Properly, Peter modifies the analogy somewhat by declaring that projects ought to be thick at the front, thin in the center and thick at the other finish once more. The thickness of the project form represents the quantity of effort or work that wants to be completed at that stage of the project.

The corollary is: initiate effectively, compensating for issues, be lazy in the center since a effectively organised project can run on its personal like a effectively oiled machine if initiated properly, then set some effort into finishing with genuine enthusiasm, assisting all the stakeholders realise how properly it has gone, and what a amazing outcome we’ve. Organising your project within this style makes it possible for you to use the ideas of becoming a lazy project manager – and even now be effective. That’s genuinely what it really is all about. Do not forget, this isn’t about just becoming lazy rather than performing the position – that is becoming lazy, and becoming productive also. Do the task, but do the position in the most intelligent way it can be doable to, to guarantee that it can be doable to be lazy whenever you can. Which is my type of project management. The other bits which are interspersed through the guide are about how to attain the over by making use of a wonderful offer of typical sense.

Peter Taylor The Lazy Project Manager created this entertaining, but helpful for me. – Reviewed by John Zachar, Product Growth Manager with the APM. John has previously created for each Tipoffs and How to Handle a Camel, and would enjoy to listen to your feedback. This review is the work of Mr Zachar and is no way related to any views, beliefs or opinions of the APM.

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