Creating and sustaining success in either your own life or business is about leadership. In the case of your own life, it is about, self-leadership, self-discipline, or daily inspiration and drive; to carry out the activities needed to achieve the outcomes that you desire. To expand this success into your business requires a form of leadership, which encourages the duplication of this individual commitment and self-leadership, into every member of your dream team.

Any chain is only as strong as its weakest link and in the same vein; every team is only as strong as the commitment and drive of each individual team member to give their best, and to deliver on their role within each team. Each team member can only deliver on this, if they have crystal clear picture of what is required of them every day, they know what the purpose of the team and organisation is and there are Cleary defined projects and processes in place that are easy to follow and utilise.

People and businesses that prosper and manage to thrive in all areas, focus on the four cornerstones of success, people, purpose, projects and process. The secret to make this work within your business is to ensure that all four areas are clearly defined and understood by everyone, so that both your team members’ and clients know exactly what to expect and more importantly what to do.

People are the lifeblood of your organisation

No vision will ever see the light of day, without the support and commitment of everyone within the organisation. Any business that wants to succeed knows that people are what make any enterprise possible. Happy, content people within any organisation will deliver more than what is expected of them, they will always strive to exceed expectations. Any leader that wants to succeed and thrive must make their people a priority and ensure that there are clear channels of communication available that will ensure that everyone is heard and made to feel valuable.


You can’t thrive without VISION – Purpose

No matter how simple or complex a business may seem, if the business is to thrive and not merely survive, there must be a culture of real leadership within the organisation and a commitment to clearly define and communicate the purpose or vision of the organisation to all stakeholders. This vision or purpose must be filtered down in a concise fashion, to each team and finally every individual within those teams must understand their individual role, required to bring this vision to life.

As long as any organisation has a clearly defined purpose that is understood and supported by everyone within that organisation and every team member knows their individual role, required to deliver on the big picture. You have a fantastic foundation and a strong springboard to start the journey towards long term success. This journey is sustained by each individual and their drive to deliver on their individual commitment to the overall vision.

When you are communicating your vision or purpose to all stakeholders, ensure that you tell a story about why the business exists  what it does, so that you continually keep all stakeholders informed about where the businesses is headed and everyone is clear on their individual roles to deliver on this vision.

By the inch it is a cinch

Ensuring that you have inspired passionate people with a common vision and commitment to deliver on this vision is crucial to ensure success. Success can however only be sustained if the vision is continually broken back into small bite size chunks that are accepted and understood by every team member. Long term sustainable success is the accumulation of a myriad of small daily activities on the part of every individual.

Look to break every challenge, question, initiative, campaign or innovation back, into logical projects or small achievable bite size chunks. Once you have the commitment of every individual within your team, they understand what actions they must take every day and you commit to supply all the necessary resources required, you have the ingredients necessary to achieve each project. As you complete each project, you eventually have everything in place to continually delver on your vision.

Whatever gets measured gets done

Finally all that is left to do is to bring your people, purpose and projects together and to have a system that manages and measures all three. Effective process management is about understanding and ensuring that every task and action is undertaken and that these actions are delivering the required outcomes.

If your business is to thrive in these changing times, it is crucial that you understand the role played by the four cornerstones of business success, namely people, purpose, projects and process.

·         People must be encouraged and continually developed.
·         Everyone must support the common vision or purpose and have access to all the resources needed to succeed.
·         Each stakeholder must know their individual roles, required to complete each project
·         There must be clearly defined processes that define, monitor and measure individual performance.

 All four cornerstones of long term sustainable success are most certainly common sense, but are they common practice in your organisation?

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