Today I want to talk about the first thing 3% leaders do daily!

Daily visualization and meditation of your goals is the first thing 3% leaders do.

The first thing you need to do is figure out exactly what you want so determine what your goals are.  There is no rule to how long your list is.

Once you have your list then go through each goal and be very specific such as the date, amount, color and feeling you have achieving this goal.

Remember vague goals produce vague results!

If your goals are specific it will make your visualization much easier as well. An example would be I am driving my new red sports car or I am driving my new red Porsche 911 Carrera.  The second part of the sentence is much easier to visualize.

Be sure to use the present tense and start with I am so that you have the feeling it’s happening right now instead of sometime in the future.  Ending the words with -ing can also add power by seeing an image of doing it right now.


Always add emotions or feeling words such as enjoying, celebrating, proudly, lovingly, happily, joyfully and calmly so that you will have the feeling you have already accomplished your goal.

If you can find pictures that stand for your goal be sure to put them with your goal so that you not only read the goal but you also visualize it as well.

Repeat your goals at least three times a day and read them aloud as much as possible.  Be sure your goals are posted somewhere so that you can see them daily some ideas for this might be a dream board next to your computer, put them on your screen saver or make up 3×5 cards with your specific goals on them.

Daily visualization activates the creative powers within your mind and allows you to notice resources that you have always had but were previously not noticed or limited.

If you take say 10 minutes three times a day to visualize and meditate your goals that is only 30 minutes a day to make your goals become reality.  Who wouldn’t feel that the 30 minutes a day is well worth it?

So my challenge to you right now is stop and write down a list of very specific goals using the tips above once your list is made plan each day so that you incorporate your goals into the days activities.

Invest 30 minutes a day in yourself; your worth it!

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To Your Success,

Colette Summers

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