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2008 years of Chinese doomed extraordinary. Snow from the beginning of the South, to the hand, foot and mouth disease outbreak, from the “3.14” Tibet riots to “4.28” Jiaoji railway accidents, the Chinese once again attracted the attention of the world, world-renowned 29th 2008 Beijing Olympics Will also be held, the Olympic flame relay has always become the focus of national media, and “5.12” Sichuan 8.0 magnitude occurred in the devastating earthquake, almost overnight, the whole world remember this southern town of Wenchuan name.

“Zuo Zhuan”, said “the difficulty of its neighbors, not fear also. Or more difficult to solidify the country, Kai its territory; or without hard mourning their country, missing the Shou-yu.” Which means the more disaster-prone countries difficult under certain conditions can stimulate the people work hard, overcome difficulties, the country strong and prosperous. We are pleased to see that, with three decades of reform and opening up, in the revitalization of the national economy and people gradually become well off, while dealing with the crisis and disaster also meet international standards, maturity. The Sichuan earthquake, all levels of Party committees, governments and the community to reflect the speed of the PLA and armed police gathered in numbers shown in the earthquake relief in the heroic deeds of the moving, the people of one mind, united in spirit, the major Media coverage of the earthquake situation transparent, so that the world lifted. Even China on the issue in some hostile country, the issue of relief are also full of praise. Through reform and opening up rich people, as if overnight, recognize their social responsibility, an unprecedented united contributions, donations, donation for earthquake relief do to my humble, more hundreds of thousands of people through a variety of ways to reach a disaster site as volunteers. May 23 morning, Comrade Wen Jiabao arrived in Mianyang City in Sichuan Beichuan area set up temporary schools and secondary schools in Jiuzhou Stadium in tents, to see in this great students survived the earthquake, in Beichuan Middle School Middle School (1) classes write side of the four characters blackboard: “Much distress regenerates,” and hope that we “should face a bright future, raised his head perverse, Straighten unyielding spine, sparked heated sinking heart forward to a bright future ahead. ”

“More than a proverb,” reflects the face of difficulties and setbacks, the Chinese people through thick and thin, energetic fighting spirit. China as a vast, complex geological structure, natural disasters, many kinds of high-frequency, wide distribution, large losses, according to statistics of natural disasters in China killed 10,000 people annually, 3 million people affected each year, the average annual loss of 200 billion yuan . This time Wenchuan 8.0 magnitude occurred in the devastating earthquake, as at 12 o’clock on the 29th, has caused 68,516 people were killed, 365,399 injured and 19,350 people missing, emergency relocated 1514.684 million, the cumulative number of 4554.6065 million people affected. Such a heavy loss also gave us a heavy alarm sounded. It is because of the ongoing disaster, a disaster for the Chinese people in front of solidarity, united, unite, help each other, with wisdom, confidence, and courage to overcome difficulties and obstacles on the road, the more morale to stand firmly in the East.

The fire brigade as a professional rescue force in the earthquake rescue and relief played an important role. On the one hand to better perform their duties. After the earthquake, the fire brigade to respond the first time, the first time to assemble a staff, the first time marched on-site, the first rescue to save, well the responsibilities assumed by the completion of the mission; the other hand, testing and Exercise of the team. The Sichuan earthquake is the fire brigade for the first time a nationwide large-scale response, assembly and participation in relief and rescue activities, through participation in rescue operations, the fire brigade and secondary disasters in the earthquake rescue professional, cross-regional reinforce the adaptability of the remote operations and related logistics support in terms of time and had made substantial progress; the same time, establish a good image. According to statistics, the earthquake came from 27 provinces (cities, districts) of 13 434 officers and men fought in the first line of relief, transfer to rescue trapped people 52,554 people, search and rescue people buried pressure 8352, of whom 1721 were alive , who died 6604, Orange became the shadow hit the “lifeline”, received high praise from people in disaster areas, Premier Wen Jiabao condolences to the fire brigade at the scene stated that “the image of public security forces is the government’s image.”

Although the earthquake itself was a cause heavy losses of natural disasters, but to the fire brigade to create a good development platform, it can be said by the earthquake rescue operations of the outstanding performance of the fire brigade in the future few years the rapid development and expansion will be inevitable. With further increase of the fire force personnel, further increasing the input force of fire, the fire brigade will assume a more difficult task to perform more onerous responsibilities. The task of development and changes in response to the situation, I think we should public security forces efforts in the following areas:

A rescue force to be integrated. From the Sichuan earthquake rescue situation, the power involved in rescue as many as unprecedented over the years. One People’s Liberation Army as a major relief force, armed police force quickly mobilized, Trinidad rush to the rescue, a rare form of large-scale military actions, the highest number reached nearly 14 million people, also hit a record-breaking history of military mobilization. With this match, and also as a professional rescue teams to the national earthquake rescue team, militia and reserve forces, victims of self-help and volunteers, to bring together these rescue force, forming a massive rescue operation. However, the overall effect of the rescue, the People’s Liberation Army and armed police forces despite the large number of officers and soldiers morale, speed of action, but because of the lack of professional training and equipment, so the effect of rescue compromised; national earthquake rescue team is an international are prestigious, have participated in too many international rescue team of professionals from their professional training, experience and first-class equipment is the deal with a major earthquake magic, but more than 100 teams and the area up to 100 000 square kilometers and there were ruins of the earthquake seemed to be somewhat small in comparison. In comparison with 130 000 people were in the public security forces, its own duty is to rescue rescue

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