<p>In comparison to the readers that were employed a few years back, Licence plate readers or LPRs are efficient and effective in quickly obtaining and then verifying the number of the plate of the vehicle. If the LPR is used for proper and legal purposes, it can give awesome performance and can be one of the most important tools in the field of law and enforcement.</p>
<p>The high technology cameras are so efficient that they have a capability of scanning as many as 1800 plates per minute (varies with manufacturers) and then running these plates through various databases for crime. The LPR system has an ability of automatically capturing, recognising and storing the code, country and province or state of origin of the plate. This is an instant process  and thus reduces the wait as well as the Transit time .The data, thus obtained, can easily be looked up into  the databases for the purpose of checking the background of the plate, assisting in the generation  of statistics that are accurate and also in keeping the already existing records and databases up to date. Recently in a test, where more than a thousand different varieties of cars were used, the Licence Plate Reader (LPR) technology was able to identify all the cars (even those with provincial plates of different kind) with 100 percent efficiency (@3 cars/sec).</p>
<p>There are many different types of Licence Plate Readers such as the fixed camera LPR, the Mobile camera LPR etc, but the most talked about LPR these days is the Appian Illuminator.  This is an advanced type of LPR system, having high recognition (205 kilometres/hour). During the day, on all occasions, it provides an error-free identification of cars and number plates and comes with different readings per second on different kinds of lanes. Appian Illuminator is also renowned for providing proper management for the purpose of controlling the traffic, parking of vehicles and also an analysis of the time of the journey. The system is alerted by the use of this illuminator by means of a highly advanced and intensified system of LEDs which simultaneously signals the video too. Appian illuminator also useful as regards its consumption of power and also arrangement of light as it generates larger than lumens that contain twenty thousand (20000) light type by utilising 60 luxeon LEDs.</p>
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