As the calendar turns to January, it’s time for the leaders in your organization to set the tone for the coming year.  One business year comes to a close and a new one begins.  Time not for recognition, employee training, and motivation to start 2011 off right!

Come companies choose to recognize employees’ achievements with promotional products at the end of the calendar year.  If you did not, the start of the year is another great option.  Now’s your chance to celebrate your sales teams, partners, and employees for their achievements in 2010.  Custom awards such as gift certificates, custom trophies, branded logo items or executive gifts all make great items to present to your staff in recognition of their hard work.

Along with rewarding for achievement comes employee motivation for the coming year.  Work with employees to set goals for their specific positions.  If you plan on improving business from last year, goal setting is a must.  Look at past performance and create a measurable plan for growth and improvement.  Staying on track throughout the year requires continual communication and training.  Using promotional products for employee training can be helpful in this area to provide rewards along the way to reaching their goals.

Creating incentive programs to run throughout the year is an excellent way to motivate and encourage staff.  Cash incentives are only one way to do this.  Motivational promotional products can be more personalized to fit your company or your employees.  Jackets and hats, Tshirts and electronics are all nice gifts that can build your brand and delight your employees.  Without continual motivation and incentive awards, employees often become discouraged by reward programs.  Employee training and motivation is a year round process that must be followed from January through December.  Keeping a stash of promotional products for motivation on hand such as logo items allows you to be ready in a moment’s notice to hand out kudos to your employees who shine.

Once achievements are commended and goals are set, the next step is getting it all organized to start the year off right.  Promotional products for employee training such as personal organizers and calendars are a great addition to the goals set by you and your employees.  Pulling together training, planning, motivation and incentives happens easily with the use of a good organizational system.

Because each person’s organizational style is different, the type of planner each person will need will depend on who is using it.  Things to consider when choosing a planner are: business travel schedule, role of employee within organization and type of position, to name a few.  Promotional products companies carry a wide array of options when it comes to promotional products for employee training like planners and calendars.  Weekly desktop appointment planners, executive time managers, or director’s monthly planners are just a few options to consider.  Planners also can be designed for specific industries such as a realtor’s appointment planner.

Once you choose the type of planner, the way it is designed can vary a great deal too.  Choose top grain leather, zipper, three ring bound, hand held, or many other variations.  Providing a planner that fits their needs will be a great boost in morale and a great way to get your teams New Year started off on a positive note.

Promotional products for employee training and promotional products for motivation might appear to be needless additions to your business structure that can easily be passed over.  But, consider the power behind many large organizations usually comes from the team behind it.  Paying attention to details like encouraging your employees is a small thing that can go a long way when it comes to the company’s bottom line.





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