Am surprised that today’s world, most people think that they can be able to give a public speaking at any place, whenever need be. Due to this ‘belief’, motivational speaking is now seen as wastage of resource since ‘everyone can do it’. But the truth of the matter is that very few people will deliver a speech which will make you feel ‘what a speech there?’ people will try to make every kid of joke but it will simply not work. This has made most of the public speakers to feel as overlooked and that people will not call them for a public speak-which may be partly true. The whole truth of the matter is that most of the people who think that they can deliver the speech easily will find themselves murmuring or having their tongue tied up as ideas will not flow that easily. you will be surprise that even the topics which everyone knows inside out-when it comes to delivering the speech, then the hardest task presents itself. It is then that you understand how important it is to have good motivational speaking skills.


Motivational speaker is not just meant for business or marketing as most people think. In fact, if you observe properly, you will discover that in every aspect of life, we usually need a motivational speaker. To have that speaker able to deliver that smooth flow of speech which makes you feel like crying, and sometimes laughing and at the ends of the day you feel relaxed, it calls for him or her having good skills in public speaking. You will agree that to be able to influence more than half of the crowd is not an easy affair. There are people who when you are joking, they can’t find the joke-right? Thus, balancing the whole situation and giving the best such that even the ‘hard’ one will be touched by the message calls for a great effort. Any career will require good public speaking skills; as long as you will be interacting with more than yourself-other people, be sure that you need to have some of the basics of the same.


Clarity of delivery is what lacks in most of the public speakers. This is one such important skill hat as long as you have it, be sure you are therefore a good job. Clarity of what you want to say makes things sour. It is easy to have that idea in mind. It is easy to create all the ideas on how to solve a problem but the way you present it to the other people is the problem. You discover that what you saw as easy for everyone to understand is not. You have to make it clear and objective what you wanted to pass to the audience. As far as you can’t deliver that, then be sure you can’t qualify to be a public speaker.


Communication: this is a skill that everyone who is influencing other people must have. There is no way you can deliver a speech if you can’t be able to communicate. The problem is not communicating but making the other party be in open light of that what you meant. There are very many public speakers who have very string motivational quotes but they have a problem with communication. You have to practice how you want to deliver the speech and ensure that the audience gets what the pick of the message was all about.


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