Troy Coulon, whom worked with Eminem in “Eminem: Where Have You Been” and Robert Deniro in “Stone” just completed a “Semi-Pro Mixtape”

Eminem and Deniro, arguably the most successful and top artists of their generation and media have a stellar career track record. Coulon, is coming down off an “Exit the King” production in the sunny paradise on the golden coast a la Santa Barbara, California. Deniro is coming off of “Limitless” and Eminem is coming off of a new Shady Records collaboration on a “Bad Meets Evil” Project. Coulon found dubstep and the 13 track mixtape is showing his new direction. “He really stays in character” says Paul Rosenberg, Eminem’s manager. “I like Troy” says Eminem’s business manager, Joel Martin and owner of Web Entertainment, Eminem’s business manager.

Troy Coulon, whom is on a tireless mixtape campaign is also an entrepreneur with a line of coul notes and soon to come, coul clothes now available on amazon and itunes. “I’m happy to have collaborated with Bassnectar and DoctorP” says Coulon as he sips a superabundance of rosebud tea in San Francisco, CA. “I stopped war dialing people and I’m way over need, unfulfilled desires, or unfocusedness.”

Checkaz, aka Stephen Marvin, aka Troy Coulon and Eminem can be found in a remix of “Medicine Ball” and that is what garnered the attention to the management of Shady Records. Coulon has also released a Dub Steppa Mixtape, Dub Headz Mixtape, Dub Mattaz mixtape, and so forth. All these projects are youtube playlists.

“Considering the white rappers coming up now it seems about time to have American emcees on killer dubstep tracks. Dubstep is a buzzword and its going to be underground for a while even though they’re rocking out with thousands of people turning out. The movement is incredible and its either going to be like this is it or its going to be a sound that grows and influences every other music out there yet the media is the media. T is just coming off of a seven month project via Santa Barbara in which he starred in a 1950’s play about non-conformity entitled “Rhinoceros” (also a 1974 movie starring Gene Wilder). “When I was in Detroit, I made my bread founding companies, acting, and completely stopped rapping or building the “coul” brand. Now, in Central California, Coolon knows of only one other rapper in this area and that is Snoop Dogg” Eminem’s uncle but not a cracker.

Eminem is its own economy. Its a real business making sure people pay this more than a billion dollar enterprise. It shall be interesting what records come out of this new Shady lineup and hopefully it could be mroe productive than the new no limit records that came out of New Orleans after Mystikal, Snoop Dogg, Mr. Magic, Silk the Shocker, C-Murder, and so forth dropped out of the rotation and Master P just wanted to “make a million.”

Troy Coulon began…
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