Now more than ever it is important to know what to do in your job to hold onto it.  Companies are having to cut employees left and right.  It is not like they are just drawing names from a hat.  They fire or lay off people that do not contribute anything to their company succeeding in the future.  So knowing how to avoid being one of those people should be one of the most important things to job holders.

Listening and Following Directions

One thing that all employers want from their employees is the ability to listen and follow directions.  Many mistakes are made every day by employees that just skimmed over directions or only half listened to what they were instructed to do.  Your job is to do what your employer needs you to do so why not pay attention.  Those who listen or read instructions are an employer’s dream.  They have the patience to do the job, and they show respect by listening to their boss when he or she speaks.


Don’t Just Show Up

Many employees, in the past and even now, only do what is necessary to receive a paycheck.  They do not offer to make improvements to their field.  You should know the inside and out of your job.  Know everything that you can offer to help with and do it as much as possible.  This keeps employers from having to perform everyone else’s job.  Also know how you can help other employees become better workers.  Only focusing on yourself and your own work is just as bad as barely focusing at all.

Have Initiative

In addition to many people only doing the bare minimum, they also only wait to do jobs when they are told to do them.  This comes with knowing your job.  If you know what your job consists of, then you know what you are responsible for handling and extra jobs that you are capable of doing that can help out other employees as well as your boss.

Being Dependable and Self-Motivated

Always strive to be reliable.  Calling in sick on multiple occasions or missing events that you said you would attend are not ways of proving that you are dependable.  Employers need people that are going to show consistency.   These people arrive at work on time, answer phone calls, and perform duties on time. 

Even those who are not self-employed need to be self-motivated.  They should be able to start tasks on their own and stay on them until it is complete.  Sitting at your desk checking Facebook statuses constantly or playing games is not going to impress anyone.

These are just a few tips that can help people make a better impression at work.  Employers need the best.  It is important that employer’s know that the person they just hired is going to make an impressionable difference in their company.  They do not need to worry about if they will constantly have to look over their employees’ backs.

Dallas Sumahit is an entrepreneur and enjoys his time creating new and innovative techniques to help people find jobs and become employed.To view more of what Dallas Sumahit does, visit his website at
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