Success or failure in business depends on knowing the meaning of building through leadership vs management. Talents, gifts, and skills may earn you results early in your business, but building your dream lifestyle can only be accomplished by developing strong leadership skills. Furthermore, you need to become a leader of leaders. Duplicating leaders is the key to explosive growth.

Leadership vs Management Fact #1:

If you are the only leader in your organization, and everyone looks to you for decisions, then you are really managing. Leading is knowing how to empower others to lead with or without you.

Leadership vs Management Fact #2:

If there isn’t anybody else in your business right now, who could step up and fill your shoes, then you are not a leader, you are a manager. It is common for management to be somewhat secretive with their duties, and fail to teach key players everything, due to insecurities. They think if someone can do their job just as good as they can, then there is no need for them. Being a leader, means you understand the importance of being replaceable, because you want the business to be a success with or without you. A sign of being a strong leader is knowing that should something happen to you, the business would not suffer because you’ve done your job in developing leaders within your team.

Leadership vs Management Fact #3:

If you are exceptional in managing day to day operations, but find it difficult to implement change within your team, then you are merely managing, and not leading. So many times people can find success in business in a short period of time, or for a short duration of time, but fail to increase results and hit a plateau. This is the result of fresh energy and excitement, because at the start of a new venture, most people have a natural limited focus on individual performance. Then, they find themselves in the challenging position of working with and inspiring others to achieve similar results. To create momentum beyond your personal efforts, demands leadership, as well as the ability to inspire leadership skills in your team.

Steps To Creating Explosive Growth

1. Invest Time & Resources Into Developing Leaders. Managers won’t do this because of insecurities and the basic need to feel important. Leaders know that to multiply their efforts and results, they are looking for other leaders, not followers. Leaders understand that lasting success of any business relies upon not their own talents, but by creating a legacy. Developing strength in the leadership team will ensure the business can thrive beyond their personal labor.

2. Invest In Your Best People. Managers make the mistake by wasting time with those who demand their time and attention, usually being the weakest players. Follow the 80/20 rule, and invest in your strongest team members or those who have the most leadership potential. The development of a solid leadership team equates to more available help for the players who need it.

Succession defines one of the differences of leadership vs management. Management is sort of like a sub-category of leadership, and if you don’t grow beyond this style of thinking, it will cause limitations in how far your impact can reach. A single leader is limited by addition, since your individual efforts can only produce so much. Whereas, attracting leaders will multiply your results, because you can impact people far beyond your circle of influence. Managers maintain operations, but leaders can cause explosive growth. True security is obtained when leaders invest in their best, and prepare their team members to succeed them.

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