How we take care of our energy “internally” impacts our energy “externally”. Period. The energy we bring to our business, and the energy of our team, impacts our bottom line business results. The health and energy of our people, with the financial health and energy of our businesses, impact the overall health of the organization. It’s a virtuous cycle. And one we can impact intentionally.

Let’s start with where we each have the most and quickest impact. Leading ourselves first.

The way that we feel – our physical energy, our mental & emotional energy, and our overall “vibe” in general – impacts our internal “presence” and overall energy level. This impacts our “resource state”, creativity, stamina, productivity, how engaged and awake we’ll feel at the end of a long day, how clear our heads are in making decisions that serve us and our teams, and even how strong and confident we feel “in our bodies”….internal energy impacts the internal “oomph.” This “internal energy” is “all about me”, and something we can each manage beautifully when we’re conscious of it and intentional about it. We can lead this.

Of course, our internal energy state has a powerful way of making it’s way to the “outside”. It impacts posture, presence, tone, external vibes, and the energy we bring to the table. And this impacts the business, projects, customers, and people we lead. When our external energy, or our “vibe”, is “off” or low, negative, resistant, apathetic, or just plain exhausted or burnt out…the people we engage with feel it. And there’s impact. And it’s contagious; creating more low or negative energy, tension, resistance, and more…

Regardless of what is going on in the moment. Regardless of what is going on in the economy, in our businesses, in our lives, and in our relationships. Regardless of how much control we have, or don’t have…we can contribute to helping things go better or worse, simply by the way we show up and the energy we bring. And this can shift in a moment with presence and intention. We’re having an impact at all times (I’m thinking we might as well be intentional about it and use it for good.) The better we can lead ourselves through creating positive and grounded energy within, the better able we’ll be to lead others and create that positive and grounded energy externally; in business, in life, and in leadership. It’s yet another virtuous cycle. 

Make it real in a minute: 

1. Check your breathing. Check your posture. Check your presence (are you here, NOW?)
2. How are you feeling? What’s your internal energy? What do you need?
3. What’s your external energy? What’s the vibe you’re putting out, right now?
4. Are you having the impact you want to have?
5. Get your boots on…shift as needed.
6. Notice your impact.
7. Rinse. Repeat. Enjoy. 

Anese Cavanaugh, President of Dare To Engage, Inc., Founder of Bootist Leadership®, and mother of two, gets people “in their boots.” Using energy, mindset, mission, and action, cornerstones of her “Bootist” philosophy, she helps forward-thinking individuals and organizations create positive energy, successful relationships, congruent leadership, and joyful results – wherever they go. For more about Anese, Bootist Leadership, or Dare To Engage, Inc., or to receive a complimentary copy of Anese’s latest publication, go to
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