Effective leadership is something that even good managers and leaders often need help with.  According to a recent report on Small Business Trends, great leadership abilities help small business owners and entrepreneurs create a new landscape and explore business opportunities like never before.  This article expands on some of the areas of leadership that can be improved and implemented, making it easier for businesses to flourish even in the most competitive of markets or economic conditions.

Some of the aspects of leadership that are essential in today’s business environment include effective networking, making the best impression, implementing new growth strategies, branding and marketing technology issues.  Leadership must be taken to an entirely new level today to remain competitive and profitable. 

According to this news story, blogging is more effective in networking than participating in social networks such as Facebook and Linked In when done correctly.  Commenting on your own site and other related blogs can drive an enormous amount of traffic to your blog, increasing the visibility and credibility of your company.  Taking care of your fans is also a way to get people to engage and keep coming back.

Effective leadership also involves making the right impression; you want the first impression of your business to be a positive one that is memorable.  In great leadership, it is essential that leaders and managers realize that every aspect of the business is important in creating the complete picture, from your business cards and website to staff members and advertising.  These things are all important to your overall image.

Savvy business owners realize that good leadership requires building a recognizable brand as well.  Prospective clients are interested in where you came from, how things started.  Your mission statement, the logos and symbols you use in advertising and the words or “slogans” you use to define your business all work together to make your company memorable in the eyes and minds of potential clients and competitors as well.  There should also be a leader or visionary who defines the product or company; someone who is recognizable.

Lastly, those in leadership positions must recognize the importance of having a chief marketing technologist.  An individual in this position knows how to make certain that messages, advertising and other communication is delivered in the most effective manner possible.  For example, a great chief marketing technologist understands how to integrate a Webinar with your email account, or how to integrate your website with Facebook.  Many people are not technically inclined; this is why it is essential that you include areas you may not have thought of before when it comes to the best leadership for your business.

Superior leadership encompasses many aspects of your business; in fact, it is essential in every area if you are to be the leader in your industry.  Hopefully, these lessons for leaders will help your business develop the leadership skills necessary to stay on top in a competitive business environment.


Hakan Samad Graduated in University of Washington, majoring in Business Policy, International Business, Organizational Behavior, Business Communications, Consumer Research, Managing Information Systems, New Media Communications and Business Leadership.He is now a Freelance writer who is passionate about authentic relationships between consumers and brands. He had 10 years of experience from retail channel planning to product marketing; He is currently a Freelance writer for few business leadership websites and now recides in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.
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