There are five questions that led us about a hundred years, posed for, and the list of leadership qualities may be called.

Ago. Are leaders born or Made?

All of this is the most common questions. Psychological notion that more leaders are born subject. I disagree. Have you noticed that if a crisis occurs in a crowd of people, one person always seems to take charge? I think the most important feature full confidence unwavering. This person will make a decision. It could be wrong, but at least he or she has some positive effects.

Sir Winston Churchill rose to the top of the war when Britain desperately needs a leader. With his mastery of the English language, he knew right what to do and say.

Second. Leadership training works?

Recent analysis shows that training has positive effects. Especially if some of the most traumatic event training, either can be made or broken during the concerned person is. If made, they can go to the real leadership. Otherwise, they can learn how to lead, but they will prove effective is another question.

Third. Great leaders share some elements?

I think it is inevitable. Great leaders, visionaries, are inspiring and well one of his followers to take a great interest. They empower and encourage. 4 Churchill is part of the great speech. June, 1940 ;…” areas we will be fighting in the streets, we would like to fight in the hills, we shall never surrender. ” Words like the British people put in the back like steel, the surrender was unthinkable.

Fourth. Specific leadership?

From this, I mean if you are a leader in the area of your life, would you say that you, a great community leader? Psychologists suggest that when this question has not been fully researched, almost certainly the answer is “yes.” Provided of course that you are leading the area in which you should have enough knowledge. A man or woman who at your place of work is a first class leader and head of New York City Police Department, may not be such a good idea to take! End;

Five. How quickly symptoms appear headed in life?

The consensus is that they appear very early on. The area has not been a great deal of research, but it is clear that the attitude of parents should play a huge part in all this. The poor child has always been “put under,” then his or her chances of lead is modest. There have been notable exceptions, of course.

But by understanding parents praise and encourage their children and in those situations where they mix with other children, chances are you will develop the child’s lead earnings.

In many ways, leadership is an elusive quality. But I think that is a component that is important is the total confidence. Without that, nothing else matters.

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