I’m not sure about you but when someone who has what I want speaks about their daily routine and is willing to mastermind with me, I sit up and take notice and copious amounts of notes.  That was exactly what I did not long ago on a training call.  The five habits that were discussed, when implemented, have the power to not only change your business, but will begin to transform you into the person you need to be to gain the kind of success that all the top earners in this industry have achieved.  

Whether you are new to business, a seasoned veteran or are struggling in the middle of the road, these five habits could not only make A difference in your business, they could make THE difference in your business.  Essentially, these five habits have the power to take you from being a struggling 97% business owner to a successful 3% Leader.  You see, these five habits are what 3% Leaders do every day, and I do mean every day!  

When broken down each one is important but when combined and acted upon on a daily basis, could just make you unstoppable.  In this article I am going to discuss the first habit:  

Daily Visualization and Meditation

To really set yourself up for success, you need to make sure that you are taking time daily to really focus, visualize and meditate on your goals.  What I mean by this is that you need to take time and really think about, and get clear in your mind where you want to go, what you want to do.


    – Think about how achieving your goals will make you feel
    – Engage as many of your senses as possible
    – What are you seeing, feeling, doing, smelling  
    – What does success look like to you?

By taking the time to get really clear and create this end result, you will be doing a few things.  Mainly you will be programming your subconscious for your success.  You will also be creating a burning desire within that will make it virtually impossible for you not to succeed, unless of course you quit.  

I generally find it helpful to start with a piece of paper and list all the things I want in my life, or want my life to be.  Some questions to get you started could be:
    – Where is my ideal location to live?
    – In my ideal life, how do I start my day?
    – What kind of car I drive
    – What does my dream home look like?
    – How do I relax?
    – Where do I want to travel?
    – What kind of relationships do I have with my family and friends?

I then get a little more specific.  Think about how you feel and what your senses are picking up
    – How does living by the ocean make me feel?
    – What do I smell?
    – What sounds do I hear?
    – How do I feel on a daily basis?
    – What kind of food do I eat?

By taking the time to really put some thought into this exercise, you will find that you are literally creating the picture or movie in your mind.  The next step is to find a quiet place, get comfortable, and replay this movie in your head.  It should only take 10-15 minutes to be effective.  If you have taken the time to prepare your mind, you will literally feel the emotions and almost touch the things you have created in your mind.  I mentioned before that this would create a burning desire to succeed because the more you practice this, the clearer the movie will become.  Most importantly, it will begin to feel that you are not only closer to living this life, but the opportunities, people and resources will start to line up in order for you to get there.

Visualization can be a powerful tool when you take the time to really practice it.   Programming your brain for your success is a great way to kick start you into action.  There is much more science involved than what I have said here clearly but these are the basics to get you going.

If visualization is something you’ve never done, then I challenge you to give it a try.  If you have been doing it but just don’t see the point, I would say you need to get a little clearer on your desires.  Either way, take deliberate action on this today and begin the process of setting yourself up for success.

In my next article I will be discussing the next two, very important habits that almost all 3% leaders do daily; Income Producing Activities and Personal Development.
Megan has been self employed for over 10 years as a Registered Massage Therapist.  Although self employed, she never considered herself an Entrepreneur until venturing into a new career as an Online Marketer.  With the guidance and support from her online “family” she is leveraging the power of the internet to write her own paycheck.After spending over ten years working tirelessly in pursuit of her career brass ring, exhausted she decided to find a new direction and ultimately, a new career.She is now focused on living a balanced life and spends time doing what she wants, with who she wants, whenever she wants.  She has realized her potential and is re-creating her life on her terms.  For more information on how you can join Megan and write your OWN paycheck and fire YOUR boss visit http://leverageyourtimeonline.com/?t=Article4
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