Building Trust

Keep your promises. Holding yourself with high integrity and accountability will build credibility among your Team and build Loyalty. Build trust by employing people with similar values.

Effective Communication

Working with others is Communication intensive. When we have an understanding of what others are wanting and needing, and they have clarity on what we as a Leader are feeling and what our goal is, it is easier to pull a Team in the same direction, with the same vision and goals. This requires ongoing, open and clear communication.

Delegating to Empower

Identify the right person for the task and brief them clearly on what needs to be done. Then ask the individual to re-play to you their understanding of the task to confirm understanding. Give responsibility with authority. Give support and monitor their progress. Trust that they have the skills and competencies to do the task their way. When concluded, provide positive feedback and acknowledgement if the job is done well.


Provide structure. guidance and support to those you manage and lead. Start with taking a full 360 degree review of the coachees current reality and job performance, including the beliefs they and others have about their work. Assist them to set relevant, realistic, yet inspiring goals for themselves, based on their and the Companies needs and monitor progress on their Action Plans towards achieving their goals. Provide constructive feedback along the way.


Teach skills and share your knowledge and resources to assist others to improve their Performance.

Managing Interpersonal Conflict

Leaders have to deal with conflict sooner than later. Conflict in itself is not inherently bad. It surfaces when one or more parties have different viewpoints and misunderstandings. Disagreement is perfectly normal given the diversity in Business. A Leader needs to surround themselves with certain individuals who provide a different paradigm to them. This will ensure a higher performing team who can reveal one’s blind spots and gaps. Be careful of employing “Yes” people who always agree with you. They are probably not being authentic.

Lead by Example

To influence others to act in a way that you want them to, show strong evidence of that behaviour yourself. If you want people to be Professional, then you need to consistently display professional behaviour.

Be Decisive

Make fair and balanced decisions. Fear sometimes holds us back from making a decision. If there is hesitation, you may need more information to make an informed decision. Once you have all the information you can make a decision.

Responsibility and Accountability

Always accept responsibility and blame for your team’s mistakes. Never blame a team member when things go wrong. Take corrective action immediately and discuss it with the individual who made the mistake afterwards, without any anger, blaming or shaming. The key is to help them gain the learning and use it as a growth opportunity.

Emotional Maturity

Always remain in control of your emotions. Never shout or raise your voice – even if you are upset or angry. Maintain control of your thoughts, words and actions.

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