I see reps that experience some anxiety and stress because their expectations are set too high. They are not getting the sales volume they want, or experience anxiety because their members fail. Regardless if these people express their feelings to others or not, they want to see something in return for their efforts. We don’t have control over what happens in our down line’s business, but we can teach them ways to get better results from their efforts.

If you are ready to find ways to decrease your anxiety, and relieve the stress, then give away more responsibility. When you take this approach to coaching members, you’ll feel happier, motivated and excited about what you do. This is how it works. When you find a promising new recruit, with all the qualities and skills needed to work in the business, think about how you can support your member without you feeling stress and disappointment. Separate yourself from the outcome of the member’s efforts. By making no assumptions, you will want to find out what your members’ business goals are, asking a few questions like:
o What kind of future do you see for your business and yourself?
o What are your dreams, and what commitment are you willing to make to achieve it?
o How much time are you willing to give to build your business?
o What can I do to help you build a strong business?

By learning what your team members want from their business; you can stay focused on their goals instead of dwelling on your own. When you can see their goals, you can better serve their needs and the members learn from you, and their business grows.

As you teach and guide the team, stay in the present and follow your plan for completing your goals. The only job you have is to guide and separate yourself from the outcome. It is up to your members what they do in their business. This doesn’t mean you have no interest in your members, it just means you release yourself from the outcome of their business. Whether it fails or succeeds. If you are appropriately coaching and serving the members needs, your team should have better results. Once you learn how to separate yourself from the outcome, you’ll feel more confidence and have a more positive attitude. You’ll be able to motivate and support your team without feeling anxiety about what will happen.

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