“I believe in this company and the longevity of glorious southeast Queensland as an evergreen tourist destination,” said Mr Komemoto.

“Southeast Queensland has so much to offer and I will never forget my first impressions of this beautiful country as fresh, diverse, friendly and offering so many wide open spaces to explore.

“It is with passion for the tourism industry and faith in the great people in sales and marketing in Queensland that I am confident the domestic and international markets will bounce back as trends are already starting to show.

Under the new management the JPT Tour Group has access to a larger fleet of coaches enabling the company to expand its charter operations. There are big plans underway with a new brochure about to be unveiled targeting the local market, with Bob Brett consulting on international market strategies and an expanded web presence with English, Japanese and Chinese sites offering real-time, online booking facilities.

Kazu, who moved to the Gold Coast in 2003 in search of a higher salary, promptly commenced work with the National Tour Company, later known as CT Tours and now trading as JPT Tours. The JPT Tour Group incorporates a number of smaller tourism businesses absorbed into the portfolio including the high profile family business started by Wayne Clift, Australian Day Tours, which it took over in 2008.


In his ‘spare’ time Kazu is a senior instructor in the traditional art of Japanese samurai sword fighting, Kendo. The word samurai means ‘to serve’ and Kazu says the Japanese culture pursues excellence in physical and mental health and places much emphasis on work ethic, success and harmony.

“Customer service is a major priority for my staff,” he said.

“One of the most satisfying things about working in tourism, is working with happy customers.”

After the recent natural disasters in Japan the Kendo Club got involved in the fundraising efforts through display presentations at local schools. The Kendo Club attracts a fairly even split of Australian and Japanese students.

“Our traditions say that Japan was made by a sword. The elders say the old gods dipped a coral blade into the ocean, and when they pulled it out four perfect drops fell back into the sea, and those drops became the islands of Japan,” tells Kazu.

Kazu Komemoto brings 17 years’ experience and dedication to the top job at JPT Tour Group. His daily liaison with travel agents, resellers and tourism marketing authorities puts the Gold Coast at the forefront of the ever-important Japanese market and he now has his sights set on the burgeoning Chinese marketplace.

The company has already received a number of accolades including a top rating from Viator, qualification for the T-QUAL mark by the Tourism Quality Council of Australia and successful completion of Gold Coast City Council’s Eco-Efficiency pilot program.

Kazu has three children born in Australia who attend local Gold Coast schools.

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