Leadership is quite simply “the greatest thing in every operation that makes any demand on the labour of man”. If leaders are made in the sense that they can acquire the authority of knowledge, are they born as far as his capacity to inspire is concerned? It is tempting to conclude that this is the case. The ability to give people the intellectual and moral strength to venture or persevere in the presence of danger, fear or difficulty is not the common endowment of all men and women. I believe that at least the basic principles of it could be acquired through education.

Leadership is done from in front. Never ask others to do what you, if challenged, would not be willing to do yourself.

A leader must be technically and professionally competent in his or her field. You must know your business. This is the main necessary condition for winning respect and trust. It applies to women as well as to men.

A leader shares fully in the risks, hardships and dangers of the army or workforce. “Many have often seen him lying on the ground wrapped only in a military clock amid the sentries and outposts of his soldiers”.

A leader inspires others by encouraging them in times of difficulty or challenge, expressing confidence in them and in their ability to surmount the hurdles before them. You can lift people’s spirits with a word of encouragement and support.

A leader reminds people of why they are working and striving – for self, family and comrades certainly, but for that which transcend self.

A leader has to be firm and just in maintaining necessary order. Without certain toughness in this regard you will not will the respect of the group as a whole.

A leader should show humanity, a basic empathy with people. Rejoice with others when any good befalls them, and sympathize when ills overtake them, as they can us all. Give practical help to individual team members in any kind of need where you can do so.

Above all, a leader is there – at the right time and place. Never underestimate the positive influence that your very presence can expert in a situation.

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