The interview was very interesting and informational. There are so many details in the industry that youʼre not aware of. Vahan is a very kind person and I did not feel like Iʼm speaking with a CEO, but with a person that just shares his thoughts with you like a friend. Indeed, during the interview he mentioned a lot of time that the personal attention is very important in his business and one of the main advantages of the company in this industry.

I have chosen the questions that will describe the difference between AVGN Systems and its competitors the most.

Interview Transcript

Roman: How did you come to work in this industry?
Vahan: Before I entered the business of web development I was involved in music. I played violin professionally. I was invited to participate in concerts, was a winner in many competitions, but I did not feel that the music was what I wanted to do long term. When you are involved in music and especially at the time that youʼre playing an instrument you cannot do anything else. You have to be concentrated on the instrument and creating music. Music was not the only talent that I had to discover. I was very talented in graphic design. Unlike music, where you are limited to only playing the instrument and listening to what you play, in graphic design you can draw and listen to the music at the same time. I was attracted to that idea of some sort of freedom of combining these two different industries.

The progress of computers has totally changed almost every industry. You could not imagine 10 years ago how the computers could evolve and what new opportunities they could have open to the people. I opened a totally new world when I started to design on a computer. I had opened a new world of endless possibilities. I was falling in love with computers day to day. You did not need a sketch to create a masterpiece; there was no need for buying paint. If there was something that I wanted to create on a physical sketch, but I could not because of the limitations, I was creating them using a computer.

Roman: Are there any professional achievements of which you are especially proud?
Vahan: Name anything that was created and could not be done better. The point is that whatever product you create is limited to time and resources. There is always room for improvement. One of the most important achievements is customersʼ loyalty. A lot of orders are received through references of previous clients. AVGN Systems does not use a lot of advertisements. It is aimed at a specific niche where high quality and personal attention is in the first place.

Roman: What are the technical and interpersonal skills requirements for a career in this profession?
Vahan: One of the most important aspects of the practice is definitely out of the box thinking, and it does not only refer to building a product. Most of the clients donʼt actually know what they really want. They have a general idea of what may help their business, but the realization and options are blurry for them. The Business Department interprets technical detail the way that a person with no knowledge of the industry can understand and chose the best options for him.

Roman: How has this industry changes since you began working?
Vahan: The industry is growing blazingly fast. New technologies are coming up and bring new features, new possibilities, which elevate the demand of the public to higher level. Almost every business now has a website. 15 years ago very few websites had a serious functionality behind the informational part. Today more and more companies use mostly online tools. There are companies that have web based accounting systems. But probably the main driver of all the growth is the number of users. Back then having a computer was sort of a luxury. Today, we canʼt imagine our life with no Internet.

Roman: What are some of the specific advantages of working in this industry?
Vahan: There are lots of advantages, but the one that is worth of mentioning is that you can run a huge business, be on top of the market without having a physical office. You can work from home, café, on your trip, outside the country – anywhere, as long as you have your laptop and internet connection.

Roman: What does this company do to stay ahead of its competition?
Vahan: What drives this industry is a healthy competition. And that what lets us grow. AVGN Systems learns from its competitors. We constantly put new ideas in building a product, which is different, simpler for users, faster and more reliable. You should never be afraid of a competition.

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