At present, Europe and the United States and some other developed countries, the international total of 30% of corrugated containers were pre-printed with the new technology, with the rapid development of China Paper Packaging industry in recent years, many customers, such as Mengniu stable carton plant , Budweiser, Tsingtao Beer has sights on pre-printed and other new technologies, along with drinks, beer, household appliances and food products such as corrugated packaging design and in the amount of the stable, with a web pre-produced high-grade color printed corrugated box has a clear advantage.

Pre-printed gravure corrugated cardboard tissue paper is to advance in the Zuocheng corrugated cardboard used in wide-web gravure (cardboard tissue paper) on the pre-printing of fine patterns required for good, and then roll printed on paper-like surface made of corrugated cardboard production line corrugated box board, and then die-cutting machine cutting creasing into a box.

Ping Zhang is better than pre-printed web offset pre-printed

Currently the vast majority of carton flat sheet of paper with the offset pre-printed form, the process: the web cut into sheet-fed offset printing leaflets tissue paper roll at the same time single machine layer system tissue paper and corrugated cardboard corrugated single surface mounted in the back or affixed veneer cutting machine veneer indentation forming nail box / stick boxes.

Web gravure printing technology, pre-process: gravure press printing surface layer of the production line of paper roll cardboard cut into three (or five) die cutting cardboard box nails indentation forming / viscosity box.

So why do need to pre-printed gravure? Two main reasons: first, gravure printing can easily provide high-quality color printing products; the other is electronic engraving technology allows the production of metal cylinder cycle and cost significantly fall close to or lower than the soft version. And Shaanxi, North China have produced high-speed wide concave paper machine, flexo printing machine price only one-third of imports.

Comparison, it had been commonly used in the printing process will be referred to as “post-print”, compared to pre-printing and post printing has some obvious advantages: access to higher print quality, wider adaptability; can maximum strength corrugated cardboard, as pre-printed cardboard after molding without the imprint of its can to avoid deformation and corrugated cardboard weakening; production efficiency, ease of production management, waste and low rate. Pre-printed with intaglio printing cartons

this mode of production and the traditional color offset printing compared to the following significant features:

High efficiency. Gravure web printing speed of 150-200 m / min and, basically, many domestic corrugated board production line to match, than the traditional flat sheets of paper mounted veneer tile offset and the processes of short, low labor costs and high efficiency.

Gravure pre-printed cartons can be produced by high-quality color ink printing, intaglio overprint as high precision, less than 0.2mm, gravure printing and coating can also be varnished once completed, after the general gravure The print wires up to 300 lines of the gravure printing ink than other large, up to 4.5-6g/m2, printed materials ink full, soft, bright, solid, and intaglio printing, for each color there is sufficient drying system, so use a high surface smoothness of paper under the premise of the printing, gravure printing ink can have a higher quality. Most packets are received in paper gravure products. At present, the domestic production of paper gravure ink is relatively mature, and has manufacturing line that can meet the pre-printed corrugated board paper with water-based gravure printing ink, can meet the corrugated board production line 180 high temperature and hot-plate friction.

Can color large format multi-color printing. The most traditional color offset printing up to large-format general 1.2 × 0.9m (Daquan Zhang), and more for the four-color printing, pre-printed carton gravure printing machine with a maximum width of printed material is 2.5 meters (one printer Northern Shaanxi company has produced a variety of standard pre-printer 1300mm, 1650mm, 1800mm, 2000mm, 2200mm, 2500mm and runs well), the number could reach 4-10 color printing color groups, and also can be gold ink, silver ink, and other special inks printing.

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