Would you like to overcome fear of failure, improve your personal skills, increase your personal confidence, and magnify your personal value to others? Do you know and understand basic human nature, and how the Law of Attraction works? If we are prospecting or networking in our business, we need to understand human nature in order to interact successfully with others. Why do we think, act, and speak the way we do?

If your company is “YOU, INC.”, would you buy stock in your own company? Why would others want to do business with you? You can develop the confidence that it takes to overcome fear and be a leader in today’s marketplace. In order to do this, you need to identify and eliminate bad habits, and replace them with strategies that work. Many hear the word prospecting and their palms immediately start to sweat, their pulse quickens and their blood pressure rises. This is due to basic human nature. We all experience this emotion, and that is fear. Fear of failure holds us back. Not only the obvious fear of failure and rejection, but also fear of success. If you are successful, that means your life will change from what it is now. Are you ready for that change, and do you truly want change in your life? Prospecting requires skill, true, but first we must understand basic human psychology. If we are prospecting or networking in our business, we need to understand basic human nature in order to interact successfully with others and know how to overcome fear. Why do we think, act, and speak the way we do?

This is about leadership and human group dynamics. Have you ever noticed when you enter a room at a party, there are certain people everyone is instantly attracted to? They form a crowd around them intently listening to every word they say. They have learned the law of attraction, and others cannot help but obey. Why are others attracted to them? Because they have positioned themselves in a way that others perceive as holding value for them. They can’t help but be attracted to that person. And if you are going to succeed in network marketing, or any other business where you interact with other people, you need to understand this concept. You must learn and apply the law of attraction to become the leader that others follow to success.

In doing so, to overcome fear of failure, you need to learn from those who have been there and done that, but you will notice subtle variations in style. You have your own style as well, and it is important that you take what you learn and put your own spin on it. Be YOU. After all, this is your company, right? And people join you, not your opportunity or products. If you are always pitching your opportunity and products, sure enough, people will buy from you once in while, but they will soon quit and go back to what they were doing before if that is all you have offered them. What you want is a commitment, a partnership, that will last for years. A better way is to make it THEIR IDEA TO BUY FROM YOU.

Now if you are still reading this, you know that traditional marketing methods just aren’t working any more. You know, dialing numbers from the phone book, talking to Uncle Dave, the neighbor next door, Aunt Sue, and Roger from the 2nd Grade. It just doesn’t cut it in today’s market. People are tired of being sold to. Solicitors are loved almost as much as tax collectors nowadays. And if you are doing it that way, it’s a lot of hard work, and you are probably frustrated at the amount of work that goes into so little reward. Today, the Internet has changed the way networking and marketing is being done. With the Internet, you can be invited by others as a welcome guest, not as a pest. But how do you do that?

You position yourself as a leader by providing valuable information that others are looking for. This allows people to come looking for you, find you, and contact you. This turns the whole equation around from being the hunter to becoming the hunted. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Please keep this mind: In networking, WHO FINDS WHO IS VERY IMPORTANT. It determines the psychology and outcome of the whole relationship. Now that the prospect has invited you into his world, basically asking you to sell him something, the barriers and walls that you normally spend all of your time and energy trying to surmount have instantly disappeared. Your fear of failure is now out of the equation.

To overcome fear of failure, you must become a knowledgeable provider, an expert in your field, and learn and use the law of attraction. This causes others to seek out your expertise. There is already a measure of trust, and you will build on that trust by developing a relationship with that person by providing them with the valuable information that they seek.

Remember the beginning of this article, when I mentioned YOU, INC? “YOU” is what will attract others. How do you increase your value to others? You must continue to learn and educate yourself. Decide what you want to be good at, and become an expert at it. Many are looking for an effective lead generation system, would love to sponsor dozens of people a month, and become an expert in the very topic that this article is about. If you can do this, you are well on your way to becoming the leader that others want to and will follow. Teach others to obey the law of attraction, overcome your fear of failure, and success will follow!

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