Communicating with Other Personalities can be a fun and rewarding experience or it can be an exercise in frustration and futility creating conflict and havoc.

Using the Myers Briggs Type Indicator can make communicating with other personalities a lot simpler and creates a map forward out of potential confusion.
The Myers Briggs personality test uses 4 easy to understand scales creating a 4 letter type.

The first scale concerns where we get our energy; from the outer or “Extra” world or from the inner or “Intro” world.

Some people have a preference for Extraversion and some have a preference for Introversion.

Extraverts tend to have a preference for; action, multiples, many, conversation and having lots of things happening.  The typical extrovert is at home in a group where there is lots happening.  The typical Extravert also has a Do-Think-Do approach.

On the other hand, Introverts tend to prefer; few, quiet, focus, concentration and thinking… The typical extra introvert is at home in an intimate peaceful setting.
The typical Introvert also has a Think-Do-Think approach.
Thus communicating with Introverts involves giving them space to think; speak and concentrate on their message.

When extraverts and introverts work together the possibility exists for an Extravert to crowd or talk over an Introvert without realising what he is doing. This can lead Introverts to be quite annoyed and in some cases fell under valued as people.
Equally when Introverts do not say what they are thinking the Extraverts may be misled into thinking that the introverts are cold and aloof when in fact the Introverts simply do not feel like talking.

During “communicating with different personalities” workshops I frequently get asked by Introverts why the Extraverts are so confident. This question shocks the Extraverts in the room as they are as insecure or as confident in themselves as Introverts. There is no difference in confidence levels between the two types. The introverts in this case assume that the Extraverts propensity to act first and think later is the same as acting with Confidence.

And so the misunderstandings between Extraverts and Introverts are easily explained with some simple conversations.

Liz Cassidy, founder of Third Sigma International is a Brisbane based Author, Speaker, Mentor and Executive Coach.
Third Sigma International is a Brisbane based Executive Coaching and Corporate Training business specialising in Communication Skills and Leadership Development. Myers Briggs Personality Tests are frequently used in workshops.
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