What makes a great leader in the office?  Does a great leader mean that he prevails and gets you out of the recession?  Does a great leader mean that he is able to make tons and tons of profits (like those from Wall Street)?  Does a great leader mean that fair and justice is given to all employees?  Or is it being firm and knowing what to achieve in the longer run for all employees?  We have five ways you will need to be a great leader.  Read more to find out!

  1. Have a vision for your team and organisation – You know what is best for your team.  You should know what your team will become or what you like the team to become in the next 2 – 5 years.  You want to get there.  You know the objective and outcome of what you are doing.  You know the mission statement of the team.  You know how the team should function.  It can be an overview picture but that is sufficient for you.
  2. Influence your vision on your team and organisation – The next thing you want to do is to influence this strong vision that you have to your team members.  You want them to feel (at least) you.  You want them to know what’s going on and how to get to the objective together as a team.bad-leadership-causes-failed-it
  3. Lead by example – If you want to convince your team members to follow you, you’ve got to lead by example and show them that things can be done.  You want to make them feel that you are with them throughout the task giving them support too!
  4. Stick with your principles no matter what – Whatever circumstances and situations you reach, you have to stick with your guiding principle.  Your team member will assess you if you have the integrity to stick with your principles.  If you do not, they loose trust in you that you do not have a guiding principle to work on.  Do not give in to external threats
  5. Honour what you say – Honour all the commitments and promises you made to your team members.  A broken promise you made before will only pull you away from being a honourable leader in the eyes of your team members.  Your team members will be depending on how you honour your promises make.  This is the trust they have in you.  If you are unable to honour what you committed, you are breaking that trust from them.
  6. Be firm and not aggressive – Be firm with what you want to achieve.  However, avoid being aggressive.  Your team members will not want to work under a tyrant boss.  There are various ways to be firm and influence your team members to get the work done.  But definitely, the use of aggression shall be left to the last few alternatives.

How do you define a great leader then?  Are you troubled of finding ways to become one?  Or are you working under a leader that doesn’t have leadership quality instead?  Maybe he is a manager not a leader?  Tell us more!

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